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The Monthly Contest has been suspended due to lack of members playing

Once again this year, WEATHERFUN will be running a Monthly Contest. Each month from November, 2012 through May, 2013, there will be a question and members will need to send in their forecast for that month's question.

SCORING: Each Contest will have its own number of points to be awarded. Example: November's Points might be 20 to the winner, while January could be 25 Points to the winner.

  • During the course of the Monthly Contest, there will be Bonus Question now and then. This will be an opportunity to win extra points, but the Deadlines may be very quick so you'll need to send in your forecast fast. No prizes will be awarded for the Bonus Contests, just points.

  • Points won will be accumulated and posted on The Standings Page

    PRIZES: The winner of each month:

    • Will win a prize that is posted for that month, or, at times, there will be prizes that the winner will be able to pick from for that month
    • Their name placed in theWEATHERFUN Hall of Fame

    • Be named WEATHERFUN's Forecaster of that Month

  • The overall winner of the Monthly Contest, as shown on The Standings Page, will win a Taylor Wireless Temperature System

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  • Their name placed in the
    WEATHERFUN's Hall of Fame

  • Be named WEATHERFUN's Head Forecaster of the Year

  • In the event of a tie for 1st Place at the end of the Contest, there will be a special Contest for the members that are tied to determine the overall winner.

    Let the Games Begin