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Words From Jerry
Once again I have to do Jerry's Words due to his illness.

I hope everyone had a very Merry and Happy Holidays. I have here on Long Island and the weather was nice with mild temperatures. However, that's all going to change as the New Year begins.

I wanted to run a Contest for the Holidays, but I just had too many things to do. How can you be retired and not have time to do something? lol

When I last spoke with Jerry, he still wants to have a Reunion in his area. Not sure what activities we would have, other than the cookout at his house on Saturday night. Anyone with any ideas, just send me an email.

Wishing everyone a very Happy & Healthy New Year.

Bill from Long Island
Vice President & Moderator

December's Weather
  • 3rd-4th: Heavy snow: Two Harbors,MN: 33.2" Douglas Pass,CO: 30" Gibbonsville,ID: 30" Duluth: 23.7" Alborn,WI: 20".
  • 5th: Temperatures fell as low as 32 BELOW ZERO in Montana.
  • 5th-6th: A dangerous mix of snow, ice and sleet hammered southern Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Texas causing slick road conditions, school closures, power outages and flight cancelations.7th: The snowstorm moved through Tennessee, Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.
  • 8th: The snowstorm continued to the East Coast, but not quite as bad. Although it was hard to play NFL football in some of the cities. With 8.6 inches of snow, Philadelphia International Airport received more snow today than it did all last winter. Redmond, OR, had their 2nd coldest morning in record history with a low of -26; second only to the -28 back on Dec. 8, 1972.
  • 9th: Oklahoma's Medical Examiner confirmed 8 deaths from the winter cold snow and ice over last several days.
  • 10th: Cold morning lows: International Falls,MN(-33) Cumberland,WI(-17) Grand Fork,ND(-16) Milford,UT(-12) Chicago(-6). Early morning light snow in the NE made for hard road travel with numerous accidents.
  • 11th: Today was the 5th straight day that Dallas failed to reach 40 degrees. It stayed below 40 just 2 days all of last winter.
  • 13th: Heavy Lake Effect Snow totals this week in New York: Redfield:58", Constableville:56", Colden:44", Perrysburg:41", Varysburg:37". The 5th death of the season from the freezing temps in the Chicago area was confirmed.
  • 14th: 150+ homes damaged, 7 destroyed from an EF-1 tornado in Palm Coast,FL.
  • 16th: Syracuse had measurable snow 10 out of the last 11 days.
  • 19th: Snow falls on Seattle for first time in nearly 2 years. More than 13,000 Utah customers lost power due to ice storm.
  • 20th- 21st: The NWS would confirme 11 tornadoes from storms (Mississippi-4, Arkansas-3, Kentucky-3, Louisiana-1).
  • 21st: Record highs at DCA, BWI, and IAD (72, 71, and 70, respectively). This is 25 to 30 degrees above normal for the date.
  • 22nd: 71 degrees at Central Park, NY was the warmest for Dec 8 - Dec 31 since 1871. More than 250,000 customers in Michigan lost power due to a snow/ice storm. The tornadoes and snow/ice storm resulted in 7 deaths.
  • 26th: With some more snow and very cold temperatures well over 100,000 were still without power in Michigan & Maine. All-time record for consecutive days with measurable snowfall in Caribou, ME hit 12 days (Previous record 9 days)
  • 28th: On aveage, Los Angeles receives 14.91" of rain in a year; records in the city date back to 1877. This year: 3.6".
  • 30th: The Chattanooga, TN area saw rainfall in 2013 that was nearly 16 inches above normal; twice as much rain as Seattle.
  • 31st: International Falls, MN officially broken their record with the most days (8) below -30 degrees in the month of December.
  • 31st: International Falls was above freezing for only 3 hours the entire month.

Barrow, Alaska


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  • Gary - Fairmont, WV
  • Louis - Maryland
Sun Angle
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There is very little solar heating early in the winter in the northern latitudes due to the low sun angle.
Late in the winter, more heat is absorbed by the ground
as the sun gets higher in the sky.
Snow Flakes

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