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December was a mild month. Jerry & I didn't have a White Christmas or a white New Year. Jerry told me recently that he saw something on TV that said a chest pain could be from breast cancer. So he's going to ask his doctor to check that out on him. I also told Jerry that both of us might get snow by the end of January, so don't go to the hospial to get away from it like he did last year.
Bill from Long Island
Vice President and moderator

December's Weather
  • 4th: The 5th wettest December day on record for Miami, FL.
  • 5th: Miami, FL received more rain in the past 12 hours (2.79") than normally receive in all of December (2.04").
  • 10th: Weather caused the deaths of 2 people in Oregon. Winslow, AZ, broke its high temp record with 73 F; old record: 69, 1929. An EF-1 tornado caused a lot of damage, but was limited to a small area in Battle Ground, WA. No one was injured.
  • 12th: The east Texas town of Lindale was struck by a devastating tornado that damaged nearly 50 homes. No injuries have been reported. The NWS confirmed two tornadoes touched down in Texoma, the most violent one was in Valliant, OK. Lexington, KY broke a 142-year-old record high temperature, reaching 70 F; Old record: 68 F in 1873.
  • 13th: Baltimore, MD hit 72F, smashing the old record high of 69F set back in 1889! Normal high temp for today is 46F. Icy roads cause two fatal accidents in western Kansas.
  • 14th: More than 1,000 record high temperatures have been set in the eastern U.S. so far this month.
  • 21st: West Palm Beach has not dipped below 60F this season. This break the previous latest date of Dec 12th in 1994.
  • 23rd: The NWS in White Lake, MI has confirmed that an EF-1 tornado touched down in Canton, MI. A total of 5 tornadoes occurred, including 2 long tracked.
  • 24th: Monthly high minimum temp records set at FtLauderdale-78F & Naples-75F yesterday! Previously 77 & 74, respectively. Southern storms with tornatoes killed at least 10 people. A record high temperature of 72 degrees was set at Central Park NY that breaks the old record of 63 set in 1996.
  • Richmond, VA, broke its high temp record for Dec. 25 with 75 F; old record: 74, 1955.
  • 26th: At least 17 killed in Christmas week tornado outbreak.
  • 27: Naples, FL has topped at 87, breaking the record of 86 in 1942. This is the 5th day in a row the record high has been tied or broken.
  • 28th: At least 24 people have been killed in a massive storm system that engulfed much of U.S. This is the 1st time that December was the deadliest tornado month of the year since reliable records began in 1950. A deadly, rare winter flood in Missouri shut down portions of two interstates and threatened hundreds of homes and caused sewage to flow. The NWS confirmed that a tornado touched down just south of Monroe as severe storms swept through the area.
  • 29th: It's been 274 days without going below 32 in New York City and ties the record set 1998. Today marked the 12th day of a minimum temp >75 in Key West in December, which is double the previous record of 6.
  • The Mississippi River flooding; crest could break 1993 flood records.

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