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Jerry's having computer problems, so this month we have Bill's Words. lol

Septmeber was a quite month for Tropical Storms. There were only 2 of them. September continued to be warm here on Long Island, however the forecasters are saying cooler weather is on the way.

Most Long Range forecasters are calling for a colder and snowier Winter for much of the nation. I know that I'll have more snow this year because last year I only had 4".

A big topic in the weather world now is the Weather Channel's going to name Winter Storms just like the National Hurricane Center names tropical storms. So far the Weather Channel hasn't said how they will determine that a storm will be named. Luckily the list of names that they are using doesn't include any snowlovers from WEATHERFUN. lol

I haven't talked yet with Jerry when we'll have Reunion 2013. Most likely it will be July 11th to July 14.

Until next month, have a great October and hopefully Jerry will be doing November's Words.

Bill from Long Island
Vice President

September's Weather
  • 1st: Several tornadoes in Illinois from the remnants of Isaac.
  • 2nd: Kirk becomes a post-tropical cyclone well out in the Atlantic.
  • 3rd: TD 13 forms in the open Atlantic waters. A possible tornado in Camden, DE injured a person and damaged the roofs of 4 houses.
  • 4th: TD 13 becomes TS Michael. The NWS would confirm that a weak tornado hit CAMDEN COUNTY NEW JERSEY. State emergency officials estimate at least 13,000 homes in Louisiana damaged by Hurricane Isaac.
  • 5th: TS Leslie becomes a hurricane and threatens Bermuda, while TS Michael also became a hurricane out in the mid Atlantic.
  • 6th: Michael becomes a Cat 3 the first major hurricane of the season. Corpus Christi, TX had it's 10th day in a row of 100+ degree weather. The old record was 7 consecutive days.
  • 7th: A severe storm threw a modular home into a nearby creek in Oklahoma killing 3.
  • 8th: New York City had 2 tornadoes an EF-0 and an EF-1 with no injuries, but some damage and power outages. Another tornado hit near the city of Fairfax, which is east of Washington, DC. Tropical Storm Leslie's outer bands buffeted Bermuda with gusty winds and steady rain and causing many power outages.
  • 10th-11th: TS Leslie passed through Cape Bonavista in northeastern Newfoundland causing some damage and then headed out to the Atlantic as a post-tropical storm.
  • 11th: TD #14 forms well out in the Atlantic and later becomes TS Nadine. Michael becomes post tropical in the north Atlantic. Thunderstorms flooded Las Vegas streets, stranded Navajo families in northern Arizona, left two mobile home communities in Southern California deep in water and caused a dike to fail in Utah sending a surge of flood waters into dozens of homes and some businesses.
  • 14th: Excessive rainfall over 6 and 7 inches drenched parts of Texas over last 24 hours. Nadine becomes a hurricane. Los Angeles set a record High of 100.
  • 18th: There were more than 100 reports of strong winds & wind damage across the East from a line of strong storms.
  • 21st: Nadine transitions into a subtropical storm.
  • 21st: Light rain turned over to light snow for a time at the Duluth, MN airport, resulting in the city's first official measurable snowfall of the season, and its earliest measurable snowfall in 17 years.
  • 23rd: Nadine reformed into a tropical storm with winds of 60 mph west of Europe.
  • 25th: A storm pounded southern Illinois with large hail and as much of six inches of rain, and spawned an apparent tornado that overturned a tractor trailer and leveled farm building.
  • 26th: The NWS confirmed an EF-1 tornado tracked 3.5 miles in Washington Co., IL and injured 1 person.
  • 28th: The NWS confirmed an 2 EF-0 tornadoes in western Pennsylvania from yesterday's storms that did minimal damage and there was no tornado warning. Midland, Texas has 3rd wettest day in history, with an astounding 4.44 inches falling in a 24-hour period. Nadine became a hurricane for the second time about 730 miles SW of the Azores.
  • 28th-30th: Many locations in Texas, including Midland/Odessa, saw more rain over the past 3 days than in all of 2011.

Cam From The Spring House Hotel on Block Island

Hurricane Andrew
Read everything about Hurricane Andrew in this excellent Article
Air Stagnation
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Poor air quality is common during the late summer and autumn as large, high pressure domes tend to form and persist for days. The high pressure causes light winds and inversions, which trap pollutants such as smoke, ozone and dust low in the atmosphere.
Did You Know?

Lightning strikes the Earth approximately 1,800 times at any given point in time.
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