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Words From Jerry
As usual I have to do Jerry's Words again. Nothing has really changed with his health.

I want to thank the members who are playing the Hurricane Contest. If we have at least the same amount playing, I may to the Monthly Contest again this year.

They said that this year it would be a quiet hurricane season and it sure has worked out that way. Of course we still have a several more weeks to go.

The weather was quiet here on Long Island in September. I sure hope it stays that way this Winter.

Bill from Long Island
(VP, Treasure & Moderator)

September's Weather
  • 1st: TD5 formed in the bay of campeche. The NWS confirmed 2nd EF-1 tornado in N Michigan & a brief EF-1 tornado touched down just S of Joplin MO. A tornado was confirmed in Worchest, MA. ON August 31 2014. September was the 2nd wettest month of September on record in Phoenix AZ with 5.09". Daytona Beach, FL had the wettest September 17.58". Old record was 16.46" in 2004.
  • 2nd: TD5 becomes TS Dolly. The NWS confirmed tornado (without warning) hit Mansfield LA paper plant.
  • 3rd: The NWS confirmed at least 8 tornadoes touched down on Labor Day: Michigan-4 Missouri-2 Kansas-2, then updated it that a dozen tornadoes confirmed over last 2 days across 5 states: Michigan-4 Missouri-4 Kansas-2 Louisiana-1 NewYork-1. TS Dolly dissipated over eastern Mexico. Oklahoma City had it's 17 straight day of above-average high temperatures.
  • 4th: Green Bay, WI received 2.42 inches of rain which is double the amount of rain they received in all of July.
  • 7th: The NWS would confirm that a brief 1-min. EF-0 tornado (80 mph winds) hit near Vance SC.
  • 7th-8th: Heavy rain & slow moving thunderstorms from what was Hurricane Norbert in the SW resulted in more than 40 water-related rescues & 2 deaths in Tucson AZ area.
  • 8th: Las Vegas received 0.27" of rain, more rain than they typically receive in all of September. The NWS would confirms that an EF2 tornado hit Duplin County Monday, destroying a house, a mobile home, and damaging trees & powerlines.
  • 8th-9th: Over 12.21" of rain fell near Smithfield, VA, in 24 hours.
  • 9th: Yuma, AZ recorded 1.44 inches of rain. Before that, they had only 0.84 inches for the entire year.
  • 10th: There would be four EF-0 tornadoes confirmed in northeast Ohio.
  • 11th: Near an inch of snow at Rapid City. This is the earliest recorded snowfall going back to 1888. Memphis, TN received 4.45" of rain, 1.36" more than they typically receive in all of September. 91L became TD6 in the eastern Atlantic with winds of 35 mph and quickly becomes TS Edouard with winds of 40 mph. TD 6 TROPICAL forms west of the CAPE VERDE ISLANDS and quickly becomes TS Edouard.
  • 12th: The NWS would confirm at least a dozen tornadoes in the last 4 days: Missouri-6 Ohio-4 Nebraska-1 North Carolina-1. College Station, TX received 3.60 inches of rain, more than they typically receive in all of September. Early season snow event this week: Up to 18" in WY. International Falls dropped to 25 degrees, breaking the previous record of 26 degrees set in 1975.
  • 13th: Tupelo, MS set a record low maximum temperature of 68 F, breaking the old record of 71 F.
  • 14th: Edouard becomes the 4th hurricane well out in the Atlantic. Major Hurricane Odile made landfall late at night near Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, southernmost tip of Mexico's Baja California peninsula, with 125 mph sustained winds. Santa Barbara, CA, set a record high of 87 F, breaking the old record of 86 F set in 1959.
  • 15th: Death Valley CA tied a record high of 119F.
  • 16th: Edouard becomes a Cat 3 well out in the Atlantic.
  • 18th: Edouard weakens to a TS out in the middle of the Atlantic.
  • 19th: Edouard becomes post tropical.
  • 22nd: Significant flooding in NE El Paso TX after 5+ inches of rainfall. Seatac, WA sets record with 27 days since May with temp 83 F or above; old record: 26 days, 1958.
  • 25th: Williston, North Dakota had 96 at 3pm breaking the old record by 7.
  • 27th: Portland, ME, broke its high temp record with 84 F; old record: 80, 1948.
  • 29th: The NWS would confirm an EF-1 tornado tracked near Chama New Mexico.
  • 30th: Prescott, AZ received 18.23" of rain, making it their wettest monsoon in recorded history.

Holden Beach, NC

This is what an ElNino does to the US in the Winter
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Did You Know?

The Hurricane Contest ends at the end of November 30th.

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