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Words From Jerry
I finally got some rain in September. Better wet than white. Of course Jerry had to make another visit to the hospital. They just never fix things.
Bill from Long Island

September's Weather
  • 2nd: Fred weakens to a Tropical Depression.
  • 3rd: Newark, NJ set a new record of 61 days in a row with high temps at/above 80.
  • 5th: Tropical Storm Grace has become the seventh tropical storm in the Atlantic this year.
  • 8th: High of 97 in New York City broke the previous record of 93 set in 1919. It was the hottest Sept day in the city since Sept 10-11,1983 when it was 97 F & 99 F. Record high temperature of 98 was set at Newark. This breaks the old high temp record of 94 set in 1939. TS Grace became a Tropical Depression. TS Henri develops well out in the Atlantic.
  • 12th: A possible tornado causes minor damage in Vermilion,Ohio, but no one was injured.
  • 15th: Utah Flash Flood Kills 16, Leaves 5 Missing. With 2.39" of rain at Los Angeles, today has become the 2nd wettest calendar day in any September there since records began in 1877.
  • 16th: TD9 forms in central Atlantic.
  • 18th: Tropical Depression Ten became Tropical Storm Ida with winds of 40 mph, and a minimum pressure of 1006 mb. The NWS would confirm that the tornado that smashed into Miami County was an EF-1 with winds estimated at 100. The NWs confirmed an EF-1 Tornado Hit Frankfort, IL.
  • 19th: The NWS would confirm an 2 EF-1 tornadoes in Kansas, Missouri.
  • 20th: San Francisco hit 93 F, tying the record high for the date set in 1990.
  • 29th: Tropical Storm Joaquin formed in the SW Atlantic.
  • 30th: Joaquin became a hurricane with 75 mph maximum winds, then quickly a Cat 2 and 3. NWS confirms EF-1 tornado touched down in Lancaster County. PA.

Bank Temperatures

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Some bank thermometers read too high, mainly the ones that
are typically located near or above paved surfaces that give off
a tremendous amount of heat. An accurate air temperature
must be obtained in the shade away from objects that absorb
then radiate heat energy arriving from the sun.

U V Index

UV Index

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The Ultraviolet Index or UV index is a measurement of the amount of UV radiation
from the sun that reaches a particular point
on the Earth at solar noon. This index is useful in helping people determine how much
sun-protective measures need to be taken.

Late September & Early October

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The weather pattern from late September
into early October typically features the jet stream
diving southward across United States and bringing
shots of much cooler air from Canada into the United States.
Meanwhile, the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico
and off the southeastern United States continue to be a threat
to produce tropical systems.

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