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Words From Jerry
Jerry still can't see out of his eye, so once again I'm doing his "Words".

It's been a very quiet hurricane season, which on the one hand is good for us, but not for the Hurricane Contest.

It looks like I will not be having the Monthly Contest this year because we have only a couple of members that would play and it's just not worth the time or effort to do it. However, I might just run a contest once in a while, maybe I can get more members interested in playing. Remember, this is WEATHERUN, the place to have fun with your weather.

It's been a dry year here on Long Island. February & June were the only months where the rainfall was above normal. The leaves this Fall were very slow to change color and many of them just turned brown and fell off. I need rain, but I hope that it doesn't come in the form of snow. lol

Until next month, have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Bill from Long Island
Vice President & Moderator

October's Weather
  • 2nd: TS Jerry becomes a tropical depression out in the Atlantic.
  • 3rd: TS Karen forms in Caribbean.
  • 3rd-4th: More than 30-40 inches of snow fell across parts of Wyoming, South Dakota and Montana.
  • 4th: TS Karen weakens a little. A powerful storms crawled into the Midwest, dumping heavy snow in South Dakota killing thousands of cattle, spawning a tornado in Nebraska and South Dakota. At least 2 long-tracked tornadoes hit Nebraska (EF-4 & EF-2). The Wayne, NE tornado at 1.38 miles wide became the widest tornado to ever occur in the month of October since 1950. It was an EF-4, wind 170mph, path 19 miles, width 1.38 miles, injuries 15,(1 trauma patient, 7 walking wounded, 7 in vehicle accidents). The NWS would confirm at least 10 tornadoes tracked across NE Nebraska, SE South Dakota and NW Iowa.
  • 5th: Multiple tornadoes in northwest Iowa damage property. 5.91" of rain in Louisville, KY set a record for wettest October day & ranked as 3rd wettest day in a calendar year. TS Karen downgraded to a Tropical Depression.
  • 6th: Remnants of Tropical Depression Karen dissipate in the Gulf of Mexico without making landfall.
  • 7th: A EF-0) tornado confirmed in Paramus, NJ.
  • 10th-11th: Harrisburg, Pa. received nearly 9 inches of rain. Rainfall totals for PA were Harrisburg - 9.94", Coatesville - 9.73", Middletown - 9.32", York - 7.07".
  • 13th-14th: Up to a foot of rain fell across portions of southern Texas, causing flooding of many roads.
  • 18th: OKC has received 49.95" of liquid equivalent precip so far this year. This is 161% of the normal through Oct. 18 (31.03").
  • 21st: TS Lorenzo formed out in the Atlantic.
  • 23rd: TS Lorenzo weakened to a tropical depression.
  • 24th: TD Lorenzo degenerates to a remnant low. Heavy wet snow coated trees and powerlines in parts of NE Ohio, causing numerous power outages.
  • 28th: Numerous daily records for snowfall set in north-central Montana when 1 to 5.9" fell.
  • 29th: At least 3 dead, several seriously injured in multi-vehicle crash due to dust storm on I-10 in Arizona.
  • 31st: Heavy rain caused flooding that forced water rescues, road closures and evacuations across central Texas. October 2013 went down as the wettest month of October on record in Austin, TX with 13.28" of rain at Camp Mabry. The NWS would confirm 22 tornadoes from the Halloween outbreak that caused much damage (LA-5, MO-4, OH-4, KY-4, IL-2, TX-2, AR-1).

Chicago, IL

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Welcome Daniel Wylie from Nashua NH

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