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Words From Jerry
I'm doing Jerry's Words again.
I spoke with Jerry a few days ago and things pretty much stay the same with his health.
Not bad October weather here on Long Island. The Hurricane Season ends at the end of the month, so the Hurricane Contest will also end. I want to thank those that played.

Bill from Long Island
Vice President and Moderator

October's Weather
  • 2nd: The NWS would confirm an EF-0 tornado (60 mph winds) touched down in Poinsett Co. AR. Severe storms across the Dallas-Fort Worth TX area caused poweroutages due to trees and poles being knocked down & the roof was blown off a building at Arlington Baptist College in Arlington.
  • 3rd: The NWS would confirmed an EF-0 tornado (70 mph winds) touched down near Madison AL.
  • 4th: Chicago got light snow making it the 3rd earliest snowfall on record dating back to 1884. The earliest date: Sept 25 in 1928 & 1942. Chicago airport O'Hare's trace of snow was the 1st time snow was recorded there on Oct. 4th.
  • 6th: Record lows in the AM in Daytona Beach (56), Vero Beach (60, tied) and Ft. Myers, FL (63, tied).
  • 6th: The NWS would confirm an EF-1 tornado (110 mph winds) touched down in Catoosa Co. GA. and an EF-1 tornado tracked 2.3 miles in Clinton Co. KY.
  • 7th: NWS has issued 26 tornado WARNINGS and would confirm 10 tornadoes spawn from storms across parts of 3 states: Kentucky-7 WestVirginia-2 Indiana-1. NWSLouisville, Paris, KY tornado was an EF1. The NWS would confirm at least 5 tornadoes touched down in Kentucky (All rated EF-1). An EF-0 tornado was confirmed 40 miles SW of Indianapolis, IN near Cloverdale and an EF-2 (125 mph winds) tracked 3.22 miles in Raleigh Co. WV and the 2nd tornado on record since 1950 hit Mercer Co. WV. The NWS confirmed 13 tornadoes spawn from storms across parts of 3 states: Kentucky-10 WestVirginia-2 Indiana-1. San Angelo, Texas set a record high of 98 F, breaking the old record of 97 set in 1931.
  • 9th: Colorado Springs, CO, got 2.83" of rain and recorded all-time wettest Oct day; old record: 1.63" set in Oct 1945.
  • 10th: The NWS would confirmed an EF-1 tornado hit Hickman Co. The 6th named storm, Sub-Tropical Storm Fay (40 mph winds), formed South of Bermuda.
  • 11th: Subtropical Storm Fay became a Tropical Storm with winds of 60 mph.
  • 12th: Trees were downed and thousands lost power after Tropical Storm Fay whipped through Bermuda. A little after that Fay became a hurricane. Tropical Storm Gonzalo formed in the Atlantic just east of the Leeward Islands.
  • 13th: Gonzalo became a hurricane and forecast to become a major hurricane with winds of 100 knots over southwest Atlantic. Fay weaked to a tropical storm. One dead, 3 injured by severe storms moving through Little River County, Arkansas, one of which was an EF-2 tornado. The killer EF2 tornado in Ashdown, AR was first Oct. killer tornado in USA since Oct. 9, 2009. 5 tornadoes confirmed in Florida Panhandle all EF-0. An EF-2 at Monroe/West Monroe LA. The NWS confirmed at least 24 tornadoes from severe outbreak: MO-6 IL-6 AR-5 AL-2 LA-2 GA-2 TN-1.
  • 14th: Gonzalo intensified into a Cat 2 hurricane.
  • 15th: Gonzalo became a Cat. 4.
  • 16th: Gonzalo weakends to a Cat 3, then quickly becomes a Cat 4 again.
  • 17: Gonzalo down to a Cat 3 with winds of 130 mph, gusting 165 mph.
  • 17th-18th: Bermuda took a direct strike from Gonzalo.
  • 19th: LaCrosse, WA, broke its high temp record with 81 F; old record: 80, 1944.
  • 21st: TD Nine formed in the Bay of Campeche.
  • 23rd: The NWS confirmed an EF1 tornado hit Longview, Wash, traveled 6 blocks and damage cost could reach $1 million.
  • 25th: Goodland, KS, breaks its high temp record with 89 F; old record: 88, 1915 and Oklhoma City breaks its high temp record with 92 F; old record: 87, 1891 and Wichita, KS, breaks its high temp record with 91 F; old record: 87, 1891.
  • 26th: Lubbock, TX, broke its high temp record with 91 F; old record: 88, 1979. TS Hanna forms just offshore of Nicaragua and then made landfall near the Nicaragua-Honduras border.
  • 31st: It rained for 21 straight days in Quillayute, Washington. Rain in Fresno, CA, is only the 3rd day of measurable rain there since July 2014. More rain (0.51") has fallen in San Jose, CA., than in the last 6 months combined (0.48"). London, KY, broke its Oct. precip record with 8.35"; old record: 7.69, 1977. Nashville, TN, broke its 95-y/o Oct. rain record with 8.43"; old record: 8.35, 1919. Snow in parts of TN, NC, SC and GA.

Mount Rainier National Park, WA

How Much is an Inch of Water?

An inch of rain is exactly that, water that is one inch deep.
One inch of rainfall equals 4.7 gallons of water per square yard.

Cost of Hurricanes
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The most costliest U.S. hurricane on record
was Katrina in 2005, which
caused an estimate $125 billion in damage.
Hurricane Sandy,
which hit the Middle Atlantic region in 2012,
was the second most costly hurricane on record.

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