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Words From Jerry
Jerry continues to have eye problems so once again I have to do his Words.

Thanksgiving was a nice day, but on the cold side here on Long Island. I know people who had to travel the day before in the Eastern half of the country had problems with wind and heavy rain. Let's hope the Christmas is better for those that have to travel.

When I last spoke to Jerry, he wanted to know if I had heard from anyone about having next year's Reunion a month or more later than July. I have heard from anyone, so please let me know if you would like to go to the Reunion, when you would like to have it. Thanks.

I think on my Christmas list for Santa Claus that I'll put please have Jerry's eyes fixed so I don't have to do his Words any more. lol

Bill from Long Island
Vice President and moderator

November's Weather
  • 1st: The NWS updated the Halloween outbreak from 15 to 25 tornadoes confirmed across 7 states (MO-7, LA-5, KY-4, OH-4, TX-2, IL-2, AR-1).
  • 2nd: 2 people hurt by falling trees as winds from 45-60 mph blew across western Washington state and 95,000 customers lost power in the Seattle area.
  • 4th -5th: Sioux Falls, SD had 6.2" snow with a record daily snowfall of 5.7" for the 5th.
  • 12th: NOAA said California is having its driest year on record. So far, the statewide average is 5.90 inches of precip., 10.36 inches below average. San Francisco has received just 3.95" of rain since Jan. 1 - their lowest total to date since record keeping began 164 years ago. Chicago, IL had it' seasonís first accumulation of snow of .04". It was nearly as much as all of the November snowfalls combined since 2008.
  • 13th: Arctic blast chilled Northeast and South with some areas of the NE getting a little snow.
  • 17th: A tornado outbreak caused widespread damage. NWS confirmed at least 50 TORNADOES hit parts of 6 states in historic Fall outbreak (IN-23, IL-12, MI-5, OH-5, TN-3, KY-2). There were 6 deaths in IL & 2 in MI.
  • 18th: TS Melissa develops over the central Atlantic.
  • 21st: TS Melissa becomes a post-tropical cyclone.
  • 21st-23rd: Winslow, AZ, received nearly one-third of its normal yearly rain in the past 60 hours 2.39" fell.
  • 22nd: The NWS now confirmed 74 tornadoes from the 11/17 outbreak. 2 EF-4s, 7 EF-3s, 24 EF-2s, 29 EF1s, and 12 EF-0s.
  • 23rd-24th: A Winter storm system stretching from California to Oklahoma claimed 13 lives. Five people died weather-related traffic accidents in Texas as a wintry storm system left nearly 44,000 homes and businesses without power. 24" of snow in Townville, PA from a very narrow lake-effect snow band off Lake Erie.
  • 24th: The NWS added 2 more tornadoes in Indiana for the outbreak, making it 28. Temps this AM <32 F in every state except Florida.
  • 26th: A waterspout came ashore in an area near the DoubleTree Hotel in Atlantic Beach, NC. Once ashore, the tornado slashed through neighborhoods leaving a trail of destruction, multiple injuries, downed power lines and trees. The NWS would confirmed it as an EF-2 tornado. About 3,800 people lost power in Ohio and Pennsylvania due to ice and snow.
  • 27th: Both car & air travel had delays in the eastern half of the country due to rain, some snow and high winds.

West Yellowstone, MT

Rain to Snow
See how rain can go to freezing rain, sleet and snow.
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Snow Types

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Did You Know?

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In December of 2011, residents of Coventry, England
witnessed hundreds of small apples falling from the sky.
They were lifted skyward by a powerful updraft.
If objects are carried up high enough and
reach the cloud's freezing level,
they can even be frozen inside hailstones.

Extra Ordinary Clouds

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