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November has been a rather chilly and damp one here on Long Island. However there was only a few wet snowflakes on Thanksgiving Day.

The Hurricane Season has ended and therefore so has the WEATHERFUN Hurricane Contest. Dean from Taunton, MA was the winner.

Bill from Long Island
Vice President & Moderator

November's Weather
  • 1st: Snow in parts of the South: 22" snow at Mt. LeConte, TN. 15" at Newfound Gap in Great Smoky Mtn. and 2-3' drifts near Hartford, TN. Record-breaking snow in Columbia, SC as well. The Nov 1st, 2014 snow is the earliest snow on record there. The storm brought lots of rain and wind along the eastern coast.
  • 2nd: Snow and strong wind for much of north New England & 116,000 homes lost power in Maine. Bangor ME set record of 12" of snow in early season Winter STORM; Caribou ME with record 10.1.
  • 4th: San Antonio, TX received 2.29 inches of rain, more rain than they received in all of October.
  • 4th-5th: San Antonio TX has received double the normal rainfall for entire month of November(4.62").
  • 11th: 4 people were killed on icy Minnesota roads due to melted snow that got frozen quickly due to very cold air moving.
  • 12th: Casper, WY dipped to -25 just before 7am MST, shattering the city's all-time November cold record, old record -11 set in 1986.
  • 12th-13th: Two record lows -13°F before midnight on Nov 12th, then -14°F on 13th in Denver.
  • 13th: It Snow in Little Rock the earliest since 1991. Low of -24F in Rawlins, WY, shattered the previous record from 1959 (-3F).
  • 14th: Barrow, AK 30 degree temp was a record high, while 30 degrees at Mobile, AL was a record low.
  • 16th: 2nd straight morning Redmond, OR, set a Nov. record low -19 F; normal: 26 F.
  • 17th: An EF-1 tornado touched down damaging a prison in Florida's panhandle injuring two.
  • 17th-18th: Lake Effect snow of almost 4 feet in under 24 hours near Buffalo, New York. A second lake effect made it 5 to 8 feet by the end of the day in western NY.
  • 18th: All 50 states had temperatures that were at or below freezing this morning including Hawaii.
  • 19th: At least 13 storm-related deaths and 30 major roof collapses reported in the Buffalo, NY area.
  • 20th: Jacksonville FL. breaks 141 year old record with 24 degrees this morning old record 30 (1873).
  • 22nd: Marquette, MI had a ecord breaking Nov. streak of 13 straight days of subfreezing temps. ended; old record was 10 days in 1996.Midwest Freezing Rain caused 5 dead, 100+ injured, millions in damage.
  • 26th: The season’s first significant snowfall of near a foot knocked out power to about 16,000 people in New Hampshire.
  • 26th-27th: Up to 16" of snow in Vermont ended in the morning.


Coldest Day of the Year

What's your coldest day of the Year?

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Jet Stream
How does the Jet Stream change during
the last 3 months of the year?
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The jetstream, which helps to guide storm systems, is
typically farther north across Canada during the summer.
However, a southward shift during the fall & winter months
leading to a more active storm track across the US.
Greatest Snow Depths

Here's the greatest snow depths
for all of the states.

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How Does Snow Make Fog

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