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Words From Jerry
Jerry is feeling a little better and is eating alot, but he still isn't able to use his computer.
January was a cold & snowy month for much of the country. Here on Long Island it was the coldest in several years with quite a bit of snow and now the Ground Hog is saying 6 more weeks of Winter. At least it wasn't that cold or snowy for the Super Bowl.
We have 3 new members. Welcom & and to WEATHERFUN. We have a Hurricane Contest that will start in June. I use to run a Monthly Contest from November until June, but not many members played last year so I didn't do it this year. If the both of you would like to play contests, just let me know and maybe I'll run a few before the Hurricane Contest.
Until next month, stay safe and warm.
Bill from Long Island
Vice President & Moderator

January's Weather
  • 1st-3rd: 13 deaths blamed on winter blast in MN &WI, where temperatures were as low as -36.
  • 2nd-3rd: 11 deaths blamed on winter storm dropping 10" to 2' of snow swept from Midwest to Northeast with many cities setting new records for Lows.
  • 5th-6th: Heavy snow and a Polar Vortex from northern Illinois into Indiana closed roads, schools, business and airplane flights.
  • 6th: Several school districts in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia closed schools due to the bitter cold weather.
  • 7th: At least 45 daily record lows were set in the Midwest, East, and South. 127 minimum temperature records set making it 362 for the week. At least 15 deaths were blamed on the bitter, historic cold with Wind Chills lower than -50.
  • 7th-8th: At least 55 water main breaks occurred in St. Louis due to the polar outbreak. At least 21 cold-related deaths from the Polar Vortex.
  • 8th: All 50 states saw freezing temps at some point that included Hawaii, where it was 18 degrees atop Mauna Kea. The fourth straight day that it failed to get above zero in International Falls, MN that has also gone 11 straight days with the average temperature remaining below 0 degrees.
  • 8th-9th: Lake Effect snow in Western New York dropped 3 to 5' of snow.
  • 9th: International Falls, MN, has been above freezing for only about 3 hours since Thanksgiving. At least 45 vehicles were involved in massive crash on I-84 near Meridian, ID due to fog.
  • 9th-10th: Heavy rains in Florida cancelled flight and closed roads with many areas getting 1 to almost 2' of rain.
  • 10th: From Dec 1 - today, the average temperature in Wichita is 29 degrees. This is 4.3 degrees below normal for this time frame.
  • 11th: Chicago is only 1.4" of snow away from tying its average snowfall for the entire winter season at 36.4". The NWS would confirm 4 EF-0 tornadoes from severe storms (Virginia-3 and Georgia-1).
  • 12th: Sacramento has had 32 consecutive days (and counting) of above normal high temps. 41 at NWS Grand Forks at noon, the last time above 40 was Nov 16th.
  • 16th: Wind & blowing snow caused a pileup on I 90 near Sioux Falls, SD and closed schools in the Dakotas & Minnesota.
  • 18th: It has been a warm month so far in Las Angeles. The average temperature so far is 61.1 degrees, which is 4.5 degrees above normal.
  • 19th: Omaha, Nebraska tied a record high with 60F, the old record set in 1895.
  • 21st: Chicago had 41 more inches of snow this year than last year. 42.3 vs 1.3.
  • 22nd: San Francisco hit 68 deg and set a new record high for the date. That's the 6th record high broken this month.A Man found frozen to death in Chicago's Logan Square alley Tuesday is 15th cold-related death this season for the area.
  • 23rd: The first time in 11 days that Burbank, CA had a high temp below 80 degrees. A record 10 straight days over 80. The 50th consecutive day with no precipitation falling in Las Vegas. DSacramento recorded its 47th straight winter day without measurable rain, breaking a record that stood since 1884. 8-14" of snow fell from norther Virginia to New England closing schools and many delays & cancellations of flights.
  • 24th: Up to 4" of snow and up to 0.15" of ice accumulated from Winter Storm in SE Texas causing several road accidents. Light freezing rain & sleet caused icy roads that closed many schools for a quarter-million students. Over 200 accidents and at least 2 weather-related deaths in Louisiana as a result of the snow and icy conditions. At least 5 people killed by icy bridges in Mississippi and Louisiana.
  • 25th: Detroit hit the snowiest January on record 31.3 inches, breaking the old record of 29.6 inches (1978).
  • 26th: 1.8" of snow at Chicago's O'Hare airport brought the monthly snow total to 32.5", making this the 3rd snowiest January on record.
  • 27th: Strong winds associated with an arctic cold front knocked out power to more than 2,000 in the Dallas, TX area. Hundreds of schools were closed due to the extreme cold including in Chicago,IL, Minneapolis and Duluth,MN, Milwaukee,WI and Cincinnati,OH.
  • 28th: Port Alsworth, AK reached 62. This ties the highest temp ever recorded in AK during January. The South was hit by a cold Winter Storm of snow, sleet & freezing rain. Schools were closed or had students have to stay overnight because there was no way to travel on the roads, flights cancelled, hundreds of cars with people in them stranded on roads and some power outages. 5 deaths, 23 injuries reported in Alabama. 1,254 accidents, 130 injuries, 2 fatalities reported in Georgia; 1 fatality is weather-related. All together at least 13 deaths were because of the weather.
  • 29th: Rain fell in Sacramento, CA. for the first time in 52 days, ending a record dry streak for the wet season.
  • 31st: Detroit had its record snowiest month all-time (39.1") in Jan, which is 89% of their average season snow. New York City & Fort Wayne also had record month of snow. More than 4,700 daily record cold lows and cold highs were set during month of January across the US. January goes down as the ALL-TIME WETTEST JANUARY on record in Key West,FL 6.68" of rain.

A webcam Boston, MA

Slippery Ice
(Click to Enlarge)

Ice is more slippery when the air temperature
is slightly above freezing,
in comparison to when the air is well below freezing.
This occurs because the warmer air helps create a slick, watery layer on top of the ice.
The layer makes stopping much more difficult in comparison to when it is much colder.

City Wind Chill
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Winds in the city can be substantially stronger, making the air feel even colder.
In order for there to be as much air leaving downstream as there is arriving upstream, the air must accelerate
through the passages between the buildings.
Simply, the air has less space to move through the city and must go faster to compensate for all the incoming air.
The stronger the wind blows, the colder the air will feel.
Did You Know?
Learn about the Polar Vortex
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Blizzard Definition

  1. Heavy and/or Blowing Snow
  2. Winds Greater than 35 mph
  3. Visibilities less than 1/4 of a mile
  4. Conditions persist for more than 3 hours.

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