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January's Weather
  • 2nd: Light snow made an icyroad and caused a massive pileup involving as many as 100 vehicles on a New Hampshire highway.
  • 3rd: Two tornadoes destroyed at least one house and caused widespread damage in Mississippi, but no injuries.
  • 3rd-4th: 9 tornadoes were confirmed in the Southeast from severe storms.
  • 4th: An EF-2 tornado touched down in Crenshaw Co. AL. with a 14.4 mile long path. A tornado swept through an area in Georgia and destroyed a mobile home, injuring two people inside.
  • 12th: Rodman, N.Y., picked up more than four feet of lake-effect snow over the past few days.
  • 18th: Morning Northeast Storm Wreaks Havoc for Motorists; Icy Roads Kill 8.
  • 19th: Two killed in Vermont on snowy, icy roads. A winter storm in the Texas Panhandle left behind a foot of snow and forced dozens of school districts to cancel classes or delay opening.
  • 24th: The NWS would confirm an EF-0 tornado briefly touched down at the Myakka State Forest. The small tornado ripped one family's camper.
  • 24th-25th: Wind gusts reaching hurricane strength at 89 miles per hour blew over trees and power poles in Southern California.
  • 25th: Montana saw below-zero cold this morning.
  • 27th: 64 degrees at Windsor Locks, CT tying the previous record high temperature, set back in 1976. DFW, TX airport recorded 53.56" of rain for the year. This sets our all-time rain record for a year.


Wind Chill Chart
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Hello New Members
  • Scott-Raleigh,NC
Did You Know?

Snow Squalls

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Snow squalls are common this time of year,
especially downwind of the Great Lakes
as cold air moves over the warmer lakes.
The squalls can produce several inches of snow
in a short time and reduce visibility to near zero at times.

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