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Words From Jerry
I had 17.5" of snow on January 16th into the early 17th. The rest of the month had no snow and with a little mild temperatures much of the old snow melted away. I hope February is the same.
Nothing news on Jerry's health, but at least he's not in the hospital.

Bill from Long Island

January's Weather
  • 5th: Lauderdale, FL has dropped below 60 for the 1st time this cool season, the latest on RECORD. Previous rec. was 12/29/1986 via @NWSMiami.
  • 9th: At least 3 people were injured when a tornado hit Cape Coral, Florida.
  • 11th: Miami, FL fell below 60F for the first time this fall/winter. Previous latest: 12/23/1994.
  • 15th: The NWS confirmed that the damage in Fort Myers,FL off McGregor is from an EF1 tornado. They said the .18-mile-wide tornado
  • 16th: North Little Rock, AR, broke its high temp record with 64 F; old record: 62, 2000.
  • 17th: An EF2 tornado that struck Duette, Florida, killing 2 people and much damage.
  • 21st: The NWS confirmed that an EF-2 tornado swept through a portion of Lamar County in MS.
  • 22nd-23rd: A mid Atlantic blizzard left over 3 foot of snow in some areas and coastal flooding on the coast of New Jersey. At least 33 died from the storm and over 1200 flights were cancelled.
  • 23rd: Record hail 3" in diameter fell in Tehama County, CA.
  • 27th: A tornado touched down in Coconut Creek, FL causing cars to overturn in a parking lot. Fort Myers, FL, had its wettest January day on record with 3.29", old record: 2.63", 1/20/1983.

Lincoln, NA


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If you are looking for the warmest solution
in terms of your hands and fingers during the winter,
it is better to go with mittens compared to gloves.
More of the body's warmth is retained with mittens
since they create a much larger air pocket compared to gloves.

Bright Nights

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Nights are typically brighter under a fresh snow cover, especially when there is a low cloud cover.
Any light gets bounced back and forth between the clouds and the brightly colored snow.

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