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Words From Jerry
Jerry's computer still isn't working right, so I'm doing his Words again this month.

The big weather news for February was SNOW. Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas got hit hard. Here in the east, southern New England and eastern Long Island got 30 to 40 inches of the white stuff. Jerry lost power for over 24 hours due to the storm, but luckily came out of it alright. I was on the edge of the really heavy snow and only got a foot. With all this snow around, the Snowlady in Maryland only got a couple of flakes.

Now that we're in March, Jerry and I are hoping that Spring will come early. Don't forget to set your clocks ahead an hour when you go to bed on March 9th. Daylight Saving Time begins on the 10th.

Don't forget to start making your plans for this year's Reunion, which will be July 11-14th.

Until next month when I hope Jerry's computer is working, have a good and safe month.

Vice President & Moderator

February's Weather
  • 1st: January 2013 ended up as one of the top ten warmest and driest across West Central and Southwest Florida. The Mississippi river's water levels, which dropped to historic lows this winter due to a drought, have recently risen 5 feet helped by rain and melting snow. As much as 7.5 inches of snow on parts of Cape May and Atlantic counties of New Jersey. Interstate 81 was shut down in both directions near Syracuse, NY with at least 20 vehicles in crashes due to Lake Effect snow.
  • 4th: San Francisco's rainfall since Jan 1 has been only .2", which is 4% of normal.
  • 7th: A waterspout moved onshore as a tornado, causing damage 3 miles west of Santa Rosa Beach, FL.
  • 8th-9th: A gigantic midwinter storm brought some snow to New Jersey, New York City and the western half of Long Island, buried the rest of the Northeast in snow. More than 900,000 people lost power during the blizzard. Five states have had locations with snow amounts of 30"+ (CT, NH, MA, ME, NY), with parts of CT & MA having up to 40". The snow was blamed for at least 15 deaths in the Northeast and Canada, and brought some of the highest accumulations ever recorded.
  • 10th: A tornado tore through Hattiesburg, MS that downed trees, damaged buildings and injured more than a dozen people. The tornado was given a preliminary rating of EF-3 with 145 mph winds; 82 injured, but would later be upgraded to EF-4 with max winds of 170 mph. Mississippi Gov. Bryant declared a State of Emergency as a result of the severe storms, tornadoes. At least 5 tornadoes would be confirmed from severe storms (4 in Mississippi, 1 in Texas).
  • 16th: Light snow from parts of South Carolina to New England, where winds gusted over 40 mph.
  • 17th: Florida cold as Low temperatures of the upper 20s in the north to the 40s in Miami.
  • 18th: The NWS would confirm the next day that two EF-0 tornadoes touched down in far east Texas. One an EF-1 caused damage near Shepherd, TX, north of Houston.
  • 19th: California's 1st tornado (EF-0) of 2013 in Tehama County.
  • 19th-20th: Around 30" of snow fell near Shingleton, MI in the UP. Drifts were 6-8 feet high.
  • 20th: Now the NWS confirmed that 7 tornadoes from one supercell storm in eastern Texas on the 18th.
  • 21st: 1 confirmed dead in possible tornado in East Texas. An EF-2 tornado in Jefferson Davis Co., MI damaged several homes. Huge storm dumps record amounts of snow in parts of Midwest, including 9 inches in 1 day in Kansas City.
  • 22nd: Multiple roof collapses in Kansas and in western Missouri due to the weight of heavy snow. The NWS now confirmed 16 tornadoes touched down on the 18th across SW Arkansas, E Texas and NW Louisiana.
  • 25th: 5 tornadoes were confirmed for the 21st in TX(1), LA(2), & MS(2). A woman was killed in Pineland, TX when a tree fell on her mobile home. 19 inches of snow at NWS Amarillo,TX. 2nd most snow in a calendar day and 3rd most for any event. One dead in Woodward, OK due to snow causing a house's roof to collapse.
  • 26th: 78,000 residents lost power during a major winter storm in Kansas City. Wichita, KS set a new alltime monthly snowfall record with 20.6" since 2/1/13. Hurricane force winds blew into Texas creating a 'historic' blizzard and whiteout conditions in the Texas-Oklahoma panhandle. A Kansas City man, his sister and 2 dogs were found dead from carbon monoxide poisoning after losing power in the winter storm. A waterspout came onshore with a 100-yard-wide, EF-0 tornado with 75-80 mph winds and tracked 0.85 miles across downtown Tampa, FL. 10.46" in Charleston SC made it the wettest February ever recorded there. The NWS confirmed an EF-1 tornado hit the Houma, LA area the afternoon of the 25th and an EF-0 tornado hit Mathews, LA at night on the 24th.
  • 27th: The NWS confirmed a brief EF-0 tornado (75 mph winds) caused damage in Johnston Co., NC on the night of the 25th.

Downtown Fargo, ND

New Cloud

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A new cloud spotted over Cedar Rapids, Iowa
in 2006 may become the first new cloud type to
be officially recognized by scientists since 1951.

Hello New Members

  • John from Kentucky
Cold Waves

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The most significant cold air outbreaks
occur when thejet stream becomes
highly amplified across North America.
This forces very cold air masses
that originates in the far north
to go south and into the United States.

Blizzard Non-Travel
Safety Tips

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Did You Know: a cubic foot of dry snow weighs
about 6 to 8 pounds, while one cubic foot
of packed snow could weigh up to 20 pounds.

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