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Words From Jerry
Jerry still is unable to use his computer due to his health issues. However, he was able to celebrate his birthday this month.
Jerry still wants to have a Reunion this year and wants to know who would like to come. So far I hear from Kristen in Florida, who would like it in July and would need to be picked up at the airport, which will be done. So let me know if your coming to the Reunion this year. We haven't decided yet what activities we'll be doing.
February was a very snowy and cold month here on Long Island. I had snow on the ground for way over a week and March 3rd will be bringing some more. Come on Mother Nature, bring me an early Spring.
The Contest that I ran in late February only had 4 players. Not enough to do another Contest. I sure hope we have more players for the Hurricane Contest, or this could be the last year of it.

Bill from Long Island-Vice President & Moderator

February's Weather
  • 2nd: The first day Downtown Sacramento's high temperature was below normal, since December 10, 2013. Los Angeles and San Diego received more rain than they saw all of January.
  • 3rd: A few inches of snow & sleet along the East Coast caused roads problems and cancelled flights.
  • 4th: Sleet & freezing rain caused power outages of 47,600+ customers in Arkansas, TN: 14,000, KY: 3,200, OH: 2,300.
  • 4th - 5th: Snow, sleet & lots of freezing rain from northern Virginia into New England caused road problems, school closings, flight delays & cancelations and power outages. At least 8 traffic deaths in 5 states blamed on snow, ice storm that hit Midwest, Northeast. 694,000+ customers in Pennsylvania & 114,000+ in Maryland lost power.
  • 6th: 508,000+ customers in Pennsylvania remained without power after yesterday's Ice Storm.
  • 6th: 77.2% of the Great Lakes frozen/iced over due to the prolonged extreme cold so far this season.
  • 7th: Snow and cold temperatures in Oregon caused traffic problems, closed schools & government offices causing at least one death. Eugene,OR set a daily record 6.8" of snow.
  • 7th-9th: More than 3 FEET of Lake Effect Snow (44.7") reported in Watertown,NY.
  • 8th: Minneapolis experienced its 39th day with a low temperature below zero, the most in 32 years.
  • 9th: Minneapolis had its 40th subzero low temperature of the winter this morning.
  • 10th: 41 sub-zero lows and counting for Minneapolis. 16th in a row today, ties for 10th longest streak. Santa Rosa, CA has received 7.10 inches of rain so far this month. From Feb 1, 2013 to Jan 31, 2014 they had 7.69 inches.
  • 11th: Ice-covered roads in N Texas led to dozens of accidents, resulted in 2 deaths, including Dallas firefighter. Today marks the 23rd day in a row with a low temperature below zero at Duluth, MN. This is a new all-time record for consecutive lows.
  • 12th: At least 12 people have died in avalanches nationally this season, including six since the 9th. A Winter storm of snow, sleet, freezing rain and wind caused Power Outage numbers of: GA = 167,462. SC = 157,934. NC = 70,671. LA = 33,033. In Georgia had troopers responded to 63 wrecks with 11 injuries reported.
  • 12th-13th: A snowstorm in the Mid-Atlantic to Northeast dropped 8" to 2' causing school closures, flight cancelations and delays and road accidents.
  • 13th: Snow in the mid-Atlantic & New England with Philadelphia getting snow that totals now of 53.1" making it the 5th snowiest winter on record (so far). Also first time with four 6" storms. Today marked the 3rd consecutive day of snowfall at Columbia, which hadn't happened since Jan. 1940.
  • 14th: Power companies reported 330,000+ customers remain without power across Georgia, South Carolina & North Carolina from the storm on the 12th. Numerous roof collapses were reported due to the heavy weight of snow in NC, VA, NJ, PA, NY, CT.
  • 15th: Power companies now reported 195,000+ customers remain without power across GA, SC and NC. Duluth, MN tied record of 59 days with temps below zero in a winter season. The snow pushed Indy to it's 9th snowiest February on record. Snow along the East Coast left parts of New England with a new foot of snow.
  • 16th: Indianapolis, IN broke it's "Meteorological Winter" (Dec-Feb) record for snowfall with 51.3" so far. 120,000+ remain without power across parts of SC, GA, NC (majority in SC) after the 12ths Ice Storm
  • 17th: 55,000 remain without power in South Carolina after the 12ths Ice Storm. Marquette, MI broke it's record for consecutive days at or below 32F. 73.
  • 18th: Portland,ME got 7.6" of snow making it 76.8" of snow so far this season, which is 34.6" above normal.
  • 19th: The record streak of 75 straight days below freezing in Marquette, MI ended. Phoenix, AZ tied their record High making this the 5th straight day they either tied or broke a daily temp record.
  • 20th-21st: The NWS issued 75 tornado warnings from 2:49 pm Thursday to 4:59 am CT Friday and would confirmed at least 32 tornadoes from outbreak across 11 states of EF-0's, EF-1's, and EF-2's.
  • 24th: In two hours, the temperature dropped from 63F to 25F in Denver, CO. Another day of rain in Seattle made it the 17th day in a row with rain. The NWS updated and confirmed 35 tornadoes on 2/20 & 2/21, including 14 EF-0's, 17 EF-1's, and 4 EF-2's. More snow has fallen so far this winter in NYC (57.1") & Philly (58.4") than in Anchorage, AK (53.7").
  • 26th: 73.5 inches of snow has fallen at Toledo, OH this season, making this season the snowiest on record.
  • 27th: Green Bay, WI tied their all-time record for number of days with temps below zero at 48, set previously during winter 1976-77. Downtown L.A. had the first calendar day with an inch or more of rain since Oct. 2011.
  • 28th: 2 days of rain in California caused flooding, mudslides, and road accidents. Los Angeles received more rain in the 2 days (2.56") than they had in the past year (2.44").

Downtown Durango, CO.

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