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More of my words, not Jerry's. At least he's not doing too badly.

Like much of the country, February was a cold month here on Long Island, but not that much snow. However much of the snow from January remains on the ground. I sure wish that Spring would come early, but from what I'm finding it won't.
Jerry is sure hoping that quite a few members come to this year's Reunion. We haven't set the date yet, but it's usually a little after the 4th of July.

Bill from Long Island
Vice President & Moderator

February's Weather
  • Snowfall amounts of one foot or more fell in portions of New York and New England. 2nd: Boston has now set a new record for snowiest 7 day period 34.2 inches. Old record 31.2 in ending 01/08/1996.
  • 6th: The dry spell in downtown San Francisco finally ended at 43 days, the 2nd-longest winter dry spell on record. A tornado hit Boca Raton, damaging trees and knocking down power lines.
  • 7th: Heavy rained fell on Walla Walla, Washington causing mudslides. Gales knocked trees down and caused power outages in Northern California. Rapid City, SD hit 73F, breaking its record high by 11F. It normally doesn't reach 73 there until June 2.
  • 9th: It snowed in Boston on 13 of the past 17 days.(2 days were only a "trace"). Boston's seasonal snow total is 76.5, 30 day total is 71.8, and for February so far is 39.3.
  • 15th: With 95.7" of snow so far this winter, Boston is in 3rd place all-time. #1=107.6" in 95-96.
  • 16th: A record low of -10 F was set at Buffalo, NY, breaking the previous record low of -8 F from 1904. SF is off to the warmest start on record with an average temp of 57.0.(Previous record of 56.3 in 1986). Salt Lake City has had 43 straight days of above-average temperatures.
  • 17th: Nashville, TN low was -7. The last time was cold/colder Feb. 13,1899. Mother Nature gave some snow to Jerry today for his birthday. A winter storm churning through the Southeast dumped sleet, snow and freezing rain from the Mississippi River Valley to the mid-Atlantic Seaboard.
  • 19th-20th: Record lows across the Eastern U.S. Lynchburg, VA broke an all-time record.
  • 21st: At least 23 people died across US this week due to winter weather.
  • 22nd: 131 Reports of collapsed & damaged buildings since 2/9 in the Boston, MA area.
  • 23rd: Boston has received more snow this month (62.7 inches) than Atlanta has in the past 27 years (58 inches). A suspected tornado or twister touching down in the Taft area of California.
  • 23rd-24th: 40 new record lows across the East today and 27 record lows yesterday.
  • 24th: Winter storm's death toll in Tennessee alone rises to 27. Record daily low of -4 at Dulles was the coldest temp observed at Dulles since Feb 6 1996. Burlington and Montpelier VT have both set records for cold of -19.
  • 25th: Eastport, Maine has received 131.4 inches (that's ~11 feet) of snow since January 24th. The average annual snow is 62 inches. Tupelo, TN received 7.3" of snowfall, the second snowiest day on record. Heavy snow fell across much of north Mississippi killing at least 3.
  • 26th: 8.1 inches of snow fell in Huntsville, AL, the 2nd highest daily snowfall to ever hit the city.
  • 28th: been no month colder than this one in Buffalo since 1874. The 5th snowiest February in Albany, NY, since records began in 1885. Chicago smashed a 131 year old record by 10! -10. -2 in Syracuse, NY set a NEW RECORD for days of <0 in a year w/22. Old record: 19/1948. Chicago-O'Hare had its coldest reading of the winter: -10 F, shattering a 131-year-old record low of 0 F. February 2015 was the COLDEST MONTH EVER in CT history since 1934.

Chicago, IL


How does it snow when the surface temperature is above freezing? In many cases, snow can reach the ground when the temperature is several degrees above freezing.During these situations, the air aloft is below freezing, while the air close to the ground is above freezing. If that layer of above-freezing air is shallow enough, the snowflakes can survive all the way to the surface.

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