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Words From Jerry
Jerry had his birthday in February and I joked him by saying now he's again a year older than me. February didn't seem too much like Winter here on Long Island. Only a little snow and lots of days with temperatures above normal. Mother Nature must have thought it was March. lol

Bill Long Island

February's Weather
  • 2nd: Destructive Tornadoes Tear Through Mississippi & Alabama.
  • 4th: A new daily record high of 55F was set at Portland, ME. The previous record of 50F was set in 1991.
  • 6th: Bismarck, ND broke 118-year-old record-high temp with 54 F); old record: 52 F (1898).
  • 8th: Downtown Los Angeles broke its high temp record with 88 F; old record: 85, 1996.
  • 9th: Santa Ana, California, shattered its high temp record with 95 F; old record 86, 2012.
  • 12th: A record high of 87 F was set in Phoenix, AZ, breaking the old record of 84 F set in 1988.
  • 16th: Santa Ana, California, shattered its high temp record with 95 F; old record: 87, 1977. A cold front sweeping across Southwest Florida spawned two confirmed tornadoes before sunrise.
  • 17th: El Paso, TX, broke its 114-y/o high temp record with 81 F; old record: 79, 1902. Phoenix, AZ, hit 90 F, the earliest on record to start the year; old record, 91, 2/24/1904.
  • 18th: Dodge City, KS, shattered its high temp record with 88 F; old record: 77, 1986.
  • 23rd: Tornadoes and severe weather ripped through southern Louisiana and Mississippi causing at least 3 deaths. The NWs would confirm 13 tornadoes in SE LA & southern MS.
  • 24th: Thousands of people were without power in the morning in Pensacola after a severe storm system which spawned a tornado hit the area. 2-year-old boy among 4 people killed in Virginia by severe weather. A tornado was rated an EF-3 was the strongest February tornado ever recorded in Virginia. An EF-2 tornado in Lancaster County, PA was the largest(400yds wide), longest (4.7miles), & most intense(125mph) ever in February. the FIRST Severe Thunderstorm Watch ever issued for Connecticut in February
  • 25th: The NWS confirmed 44 tornadoes in the country the past 2 days with at least 8 deaths.
  • 27th: Bismarck, ND not only broke their own record high, they also broke all-time February record for the state of ND.
  • 29th: A record high of 59 F was set in Portland, ME,. The old record of 45 F was set in 2004.


Did You Know?

El Nino makes for a stronger southern branch, but if it's strong than less snow because it keeps the cold to the north of US.

We hope that you enjoyed this month's Newsletter. See you next month, and be sure to visit the WEATHERFUN Website, but most of all have fun with your weather.
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