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Words From Jerry
Jerry still is unable to use his email, so I'm doing his Words again.

Jerry continues to have minor health issues and I'm sure some of it has to do with the weather. March has been a cold month, even with the arrival of Spring. Jerry even had some snow.

I haven't talked to Jerry about what events we'll have at this year's Reunion. The dates are July 11th-14th. If your looking to have some good times, now is the time to plan for it at the Reunion.

One of the things I'll be discussing with Jerry at the Reunion is whether to continue the Monthly Contest. I would not like to end it. But with only a couple of members playing, it's not worth it.

Until next month, when I hope Jerry will be doing his Words, have a great April and don't let the weather fool you.

Bill from Long Island
Vice President & Moderator

March's Weather
  • 1st-4th: Avalanches killed 5 people (WY-1, CO-1, NH-1, UT-1, AK-1) making 14 U.S. deaths this season.
  • 4th-5th: A winter storm dropped heavy snow with sharp gusts of wind across a swath of the Northern Plains and Upper Mississippi Valley.
  • 5th: Over 9" of snow fell at Chicago's O'Hare Airport, making it the 4th largest March calendar day snowfall on record in the city. The NWS would confirmed an EF1 tornado near Gibson, GA that heavily damaging a church.
  • 6th: After forecast of 5-10 inches or more of snow in Washington, DC, it turned out to be little more than a big, wet nothing. However some of the far western suburbs got blanketed in snow over a foot.
  • 7th-8th: A slow moving winter storm brought a combination of snow, rain and high winds to the northeast with some area of CT & MA getting over 20" of snow and there was coastal flooding in Massachusetts.
  • 14th: Thermal, CA was the first city this year to reach 100 degrees in the US with a High of 100 for a new record and 19 degrees above normal.
  • 18th: Severe weather Tennesse to the SE with 375 hail & wind reports with hail as large as 3 inches across in Alabama. The NWS would confirm 10 tornadoes (Alabama-4, Tennessee-4, Georgia-2) of EF-0 to EF-2.
  • 19th: Heavy snow up to 7" in southern New England that was replaced by a mix of sleet and freezing rain in Connecticut and Rhode Island causing travel problems and closing some schools.
  • 20th-21st: Lake Effect snow dropped an anverage of 2 feet in MI & NY with North Redfield, NY reporting the highest of 46.5".
  • 21st: The NWS confirmed a rare tornado (EF-0) hit Clark County, Washington state ripping apart a barn building.
  • 24th: Over 30,000 lost power in Central Florida from severe storms with straight line winds that caused damage to trees and buildings. The NWS would confirm a 700-yards-wide, EF-1 tornado with 100 mph winds hit Pulaski County, KY. Springfield, IL broke an ALL-TIME RECORD for most snowfall in a calendar day with 17". A snowstorm dropped 12.4" on St. Louis, MO setting a record. Parts of Colorado and northwest Kansas saw 10 to 15".
  • 25th: Over 2,000 daily snow & cold records have been set so far this March in U.S.
  • 26th: Several inches of snow and icy roads led to multiple car accidents in Pennsylvania and across the state. Washington, D.C.had a slushy, slippery day causing some schools to close.
  • 27th: 1,100+ record low temps have been tied or broken across the U.S. for March 2013 through the 27th (March 2012 only had nearly 300.
  • 28th: Record lows in Florida: Jacksonville(35), Gainesville(32), Orlando (42), Key West(59).
  • 29th: The NWS would confirm that a weak EF-0 tornado touched down west of North Platte,NE.
  • 31st: Damage cost could total in the millions of dollars after hail storm in Norman, OK.

Tulsa City, OK

Spring Warming
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The slow climb out of winter will continue over
the next two months as solar heating increases
across the Northern Hemisphere.
Normal temperatures will also steadily climb
through the period, but actual temperatures
tend to behave more like a roller coaster.
Hello New Members
Ridge Trough
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Mudslides are a common problem along the West coast
during heavy rain events. Exposed soil due to sparse or
burnt vegetation in addition to shallow root systems
can lead to large amounts of mudand debris flowing
down a hillside during and after a heavy rainfall event.

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