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Words From Jerry
Jerry is still not able to do his Words because of his health. This is turning into a monthly job for me.

Spring arrived in March, but it must have missed Long Island as the temps were still cold with 3.5" of snow on the 31st. So much for Global Warming.

Don't forget the Reunion this year is July 10th to the 14th. Please let me know if your coming. So far no events have been planned other than the cookout at Jerry's on Saturday.

Everyone also needs to get ready for the Hurricane Contest. I sure hope we have more than just a couple of players, or this would be the last year for it.

Bill from Long Island (Vice President & Moderator)

March's Weather
  • 1st: Mandatory evacuations are in effect in parts of Southern California after the second powerful storm in a week battered the region. Lubbock, TX had a high of 85 degrees in the afternoon. 9 hours later they were down to 29 degrees.
  • 2nd: Marquette, MI has had 75 straight days below freezing & 49 days below 0. Billings, MT, dropped to 21 below zero F, setting an all-time March record low. Kansas City's high of 5F was its first-ever single-digit high recorded in the month of March. Prev. lowest March high was 11F. More snow in Peoria, IL making this winter's snow total to 53.4" - breaking the all-time record of 52.5" set in 2010-11.
  • 3rd: The first time on record that Erie, PA failed to climb out of the single digits during the month of March. Power companies report 38,000+ without power in Tennessee, 23,000+ in Arkansas & 1,500+ in Mississippi due to an ice storm.
  • 4th: All-time record lows for March: AC,NJ (+2); Dover, DE (+6) ; Dulles, VA (-1); Baltimore, MD (+4) and Charlottesville, VA (+1). A skier was killed in an avalanche in Colorado making 19 people dead as result of US avalanches this season. An Ice Storm in SE Texas caused road problems and power outages.
  • 5th: Muskegon, Mich. had 24" of snow on the ground, breaking their all-time record for deepest snow cover in the month of March.
  • 6th: Minneapolis experienced their 47th day of below 0 temperatures this winter. Rochester,NY set a record for month of March with -9F.
  • 7th: Flint,MI broke record for most consecutive days with snow cover (89 days). Old record 88 days 1963. Ice and snow left hundreds of thousands powerless in N.C. Through the first 6 days of the month, the average temperature in Wichita was an incredible 20.1 degrees BELOW normal. Death toll from US avalanches now stands at 21 this season after Utah man was killed (15 deaths since February 8th)
  • 8th: Power companies report 161,000+ North Carolina customers remain without power after yesterday's Ice Storm Winter Storm. US Cold records outnumber warm records 66 to 1 in the last 7 days. Today marked the 90th consecutive day with 1"+ of snow on the ground in Milwaukee, WI (2nd longest streak on record).
  • 12th: Record 13.8" of snowfall in Buffalo,NY made it the 4th largest daily snowfall so late in the season.
  • 13: Marquette, WI had a low of -13 this morning making it the 58th day of subzero temperatures, breaking the record set in the winter of 1962-63.
  • 17th: Burlington, VT broke a 129 year old record with a low temp of -8 degrees. Old record was -6 degrees. Today marked the 87th consecutive day with at least a half foot of snow on the ground in Green Bay. 3rd longest streak.
  • 19th: Flint, MI's streak of most consecutive days with snow cover (1 inch or greater) came to an end at 101 days.
  • 21st: Heavy snow brought power outages to some parts of Maine.
  • 24th: Death toll from avalanches thru 2013-14 winter season rose to 25 after weekend death of man in Washington (19 deaths since Feb. 8).
  • 25th: A record low temp of -8F was set at Montpelier, VT. This breaks old RECORD of -4F set in 1960. 0F in Bangor,ME is the latest in the season Bangor reached the 0F mark on record.
  • 26th: The NWS would confirm multiple EF-1 tornadoes touched down in Glenn Co., California.
  • 27th: Record lows set in Newark (22), NYC-LaGuardia (23) and Baltimore tied it's record low at 20 degrees.
  • 28th: The NWS would confirm 2 EF-2s and 1 EF-1 tornado iimpacted Grundy and Daviess counties,MO.
  • 29th: Seattle, WS, had the wettest March on record with 8.66" of rain! Old record was 8.40" from 1950.
  • 29th: The NWS would confirm an EF-0 tornado hit just SE of Orlando, FL. The NWS would confirm 2 EF-0 tornado caused damage just South of Raleigh, NC.
  • 30th: 6 California tornadoes confirmed so far in 2014.
  • 31st: A tornado in western Minnesota damaged three rural farm sites. At least 63 tornadoes so far in 2014, with Illinois and California having the most. That's 63% below average with no tornado deaths.

Provincetown, RI

Why are valleys
cooler at night?

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Red Sky

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Youve heard the rhyme, Red sky in the morning,
sailors take warning; Red sky at night, sailor's delight.
So why is red sky good at night but not in the morning?
When you see a red sky at night (looking west),
youre seeing dust particles stirred up
in the dry air of a high pressure system.
Since systems generally move from west to east,
that means the high pressure is moving towards you!
When you see red sky in the morning (looking east)
youre seeing the dry air move away from you,
which usually means a low pressure system
with rain or snow is on its way.

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