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Words From Jerry
Another month and again my words not Jerry's.

Jerry was in and out of the hospital several times late this Winter, but as it turns out there were no serious problems. I kidded him and told him if he wanted to avoid the snow and cold that he should go south.

Later this month Jerry plans to talk to me about this year's Reunion. I know that he would like more members to come to it.

Welcome back

Bill from Long Island
Vice President & Moderator

March's Weather
  • 1st: Florida is the only state without snow on the ground today. Much of the country had a frigid winter but not Vegas! It had the warmest winter ever. Due to persistent freezing rain there were Power outages around Richmond, VA.
  • 6th: Frankfort, KY set a March record low of -10.
  • 7th: The low temperature at Harrisburg, PA was 0 and was the coldest low temperature ever recorded in March.
  • 8th-10th: Houston, TX received 3.45" of rain, more rain than they typically receive in all of March.
  • 12th: Fargo, ND tied the record high set in 105 yrs ago in 1910 with 62F. Wilmington, NC, broke its 136-y/o March 11 high temp record with 84 F; old record: 82, 1879.
  • 14th: Downtown San Francisco set a new record high of 84 F, breaking the old record of 81 set in 2007. Downtown LA shatters its March 14 high temp record with 93 F; old record: 88, 1951.
  • 15th: Fargo, ND rose to 70 degrees at 12 p.m. CT. Smashes the daily record high of 62 degrees. It's also the earliest in the year they've hit 70. With 2.9" of snow, Boston broke its all time seasonal snowfall making season total 108.6".
  • 16th: North Platte, Nebraska hit 91. Not only a daily record but the hottest March temp on record. Denver Airport reached 80. Earliest 80 degree day on record (Previous March 18th). Downtown LA hit 90 F, making it the 4th day in a row for days 90 F or higher in March, a new record. Broken Bow, Nebraska reached 90F. First time that town's ever reached 90 in the winter. North Platte, Neb. hit 91F, breaking all-time March high of 88 set 3/31/1946.
  • 17th: Pensacola, FL set a new record high with 86F, beating 83 F from 2006.
  • 25th: 1 dead from a tornado that hit a mobile home park, near Tulsa, OK>
  • 26th: San Diego, CA hits 80 for 6th day this month, breaking all-time record of 5 March 80 days in 1947/1988.
  • 27th: A record daily high of 75 F was set in Billings, MT, breaking the old record for this date of 74 F set in 1946.
  • 28th: Pittsburgh broke its March 28 record cold high temp record with 30 F; old record: 31, 1919.
  • 29th: low temperature records broken/tied this morning across the East.
  • 30th: Death Valley reached 103 which tied the all-time March record high set on March 31, 2011.

Kansas City, MO

Temperatures Rise
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The climb out of winter's cold is typically a slow one,
especially in the North due to lingering ice and snow.
Average temperatures continue to climb through
the spring months as solar heating increases.

April Tornadoes

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April is typically one of the prime months for tornadoes
in the United States. The combination of sharp temperatures
gradients, increasing humidity and a strong jet are responsible
for the increase in tornado-producing thunderstorms.

We hope that you enjoyed this month's Newsletter. See you next month, and be sure to visit the WEATHERFUN Website, but most of all have fun with your weather.
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