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Words From Jerry
Jerry is still unable to use his email, so I'm doing his "Words" again.

It's been a cool Spring for much of the nation. Melting snow and rain has caused flooding concerns for parts of the Upper Plains. Here on Long Island it's been a dry April.

With June just around the corner that means the Hurricane Season begins. Now is the time to prepare for it. I'm planning to have 2 trees taken down near my house after one of the big branches on one of them came down with Superstorm Sandy and just missed my house by inches. Of course that means that it will soon be time for the Hurricane Contest.

I'll have to call Jerry to see what he has planned for this year's Reunion, which will be held July 11th-14th.

Bill from Long Island
Vice President and Moderator

April's Weather
  • 1st: 15,000 record highs were broken in March 2012. In contrast, March 2013 set 2,600 record cold temps. A small tornado touched down and damaged a metal barn in Briscoe County in Texas as a line of severe thunderstorms with hail moved through the area.
  • 2nd: Syracuse got 10.5" of snow, making it the snowiest April day in city history.
  • 2nd-3rd: Overnight baseball to softball size hail in Texas caused extreme damage to cars, roofs, a church, & firehouse in Hitchcock TX.
  • 4th: A tornado that touched down in Tehama County, CA in the evening and was rated an EF-0 with minimal damage.
  • 5th: An EF-0 tornado struck Monroe County, FL near Big Pine Key.
  • 8th: More than 5,000 lost power as a result of high winds hitting southern California. The temperature in Denver, Colo., dropped 26 degrees in 2 hours from 68 F to 42 F. 1 mobile home destroyed, 2 others damaged by tornado south of Akron, CO. The NWS would confirm an EF-1 tornado hit a farm, killing 2 cows and injuring several others in Benkelman,NE.
  • 9th: Denver reached 71 F Monday afternoon, but was 16 F this morning with a RealFeel temp of -14. A difference of 85 degrees. Within 24 hrs a 93 degree change: Alliance, Neb had a real feel of 73 Monday afternoon. This morning the real feel was -20.
  • 9th: A wild weather day: Records broken: 258. 111 Rainfall, 44 snowfall, 49 high temp, 54 low temp.
  • 10th: State of Emergency declared in Sioux Falls, SD due to ongoing ice storm. 35,000+ without power. High winds and heavy snow and rain whipped through parts of the central United States, knocking out power for thousands of people and closing schools and businesses. The Minnesota's governor called out the state National Guard. The NWS would confirm a long-tracked (17.4 miles) EF-2 tornado in Van Buren Co., AR. 3 tornadoes would be confirmed in MO. One of them an EF-2 hit Hazelwood in St. Louis Co., MO.
  • 11th: The NWS confirmed an EF-0 tornado touched down in Slidell, LA. 1 death reported in Kemper County, MS from a tornado that destroyed a steel building.
  • 14th: An all time single day snowfall record of 17.3" for Bismarck, ND. Other areas of North Dakota got up to 23.5".
  • 15th: NWS confirmed 21 tornadoes from severe storms on the 10th & 11th across 6 states (AL-8, MO-5, AR-4, GA-2, MS-1, LA-1). The NWS would confirm a short-lived EF-0 tornado and 2 areas of straight-line winds hit Brevard Co., FL. With 7" of snow in Denver,CO, their season total rose to 68.2 inches (Average season snowfall is 53 inches).
  • 16th: Tampa, FL., had a high temp. of 92 F breaking a 106-year-old record set in 1907 of 88 F.
  • 17th-18th: Up to 8 inches overnight in the Midwest. The Chicago area it caused havoc on the morning commute, close schools and prompted scattered evacuations.
  • 18th-19th: 23" of snow fell in Minnesota.
  • 19th: A State of Emergency was declared in Boone County, IN due to widespread significant flooding that caused 2 deaths on the road. Illinois Gov. Quinn declared 38 counties disaster areas. An EF-2 tornado hit both Newton and Morgan counties, GA causing 1 person injured. The NWS would confirm a tornado hit northeast of Binghamton, NY and an EF-1 tornado that tracked 6.8 miles in Lincoln and Moore counties, TN and an EF-1 tornado (90 mph winds) that struck the city of Fredericksburg, VA.
  • 20th: A deadly Colorado avalanche killed 5.
  • 21st: Duluth, Minnesota has had at least 1 inch of snow on the ground since December 9th of 2012, a span of 133 days.
  • 22nd: Damage in Mecklenburg Co., VA was NOT from a tornado. NWS confirmed 23 tornadoes from severe storms 17th to 19th (OK-9, MS-3, LA-2, MO-2, AR-2, MD-1, NY-1, VA-1, GA-1, TN-1) Jacksonville, FL only had a high of 64. The previous record lowest high temperature for April 22nd was 67 set in 1901.
  • 23rd: 9.2 inches of snow in Goodland,KS was the highest amount of snow received on record so late in the season. With 50.2" of snow this month, Duluth, MN has snowiest April on record. 10,000 Record Lows, 5,000 Record Snows in 2013. The first lightning fatality of 2013 occurred. when a Pomona City, Mo., woman was struck while under a tree.
  • 24th: A fast-moving line of intense thunderstorms flooded streets, damaged houses and business and knocked out power to more than 30,000 people in southeast Louisiana. The NWS confirmed 2 tornadoes hit Jefferson Parish, LA, northwest of New Orleans (EF-1, EF-0).
  • 27th: Heavy rain in the Houston, TX area left 128,000 residents without power and over 150 motorists had to be rescued from flooded roadways. The NWS would confirm an EF-2 tornado (112 mph winds) struck Panola County, MS and an EF-1 tornado (100 mph winds) near Bienville, LA.
  • 28th: The NWS would confirm an EF-0 tornado (85 mph winds) tracked a quarter of a mile in Coweta Co., GA and a weak EF-0 tornado in Fairfield Co., SC.
  • 28th-29th: A lightning strike caused a fatal fire overnight in Windcrest,TX.
  • 30th: Jan 1 - April 30, 2013 was the driest 4 month start to a year on record in San Francisco, CA.

Nags Head, NC

Beach Erosion
(Click to Enlarge)
Beach erosion is a significant problem along our coastline, especially
during large storms and hurricanes.
As the rough surf penetrates the beach the sand is lost
to the sea due to the undertow.
Heavier rain also washes the sand and soil back into the ocean.
Hurricane Season/Contest

June 1st is the start of the hurricane season. The first question of our Hurricane Contest will be out several days before that.

A Storm's Development
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Spring Instability
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During the spring transition season,
the combination of warming temperatures
at the surface and cold shots of air aloft can
result in high instability of the atmosphere.
This combination leads to the
development of showers and thunderstorms.

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