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Words From Jerry
No change in Jerry's health issues so I have to do his Words again.

April was a chilly month here on Long Island with not much rain. However that changed on the 30th with rain most of the day that became heavy after that. I got 2.95". Now if that was snow, I would of had around 30" of the white stuff.

Don't forget the Reunion will be July 10th-14th> We still haven't come up with what activities we'll be going to. Any ideas are welcomed.

June is the start of the Hurricane Season and the WEATHERFUN Hurricane Contest. I want lots of members to play the contest. If we only have a couple of players, this could be the last time that I will run it.

Bill from Long Island
Vice President & Moderator

April's Weather
  • 1st: Downtown Sacramento, Calif., received its entire average April rainfall in 1 day: 1.3", and broke April 1 record for total rain.
  • 3rd: A EF-1 tornado in University City, MO.
  • 4th: The NWS would confirm at least 9 tornadoes from severe storms on the 3rd-4th (Texas-4, Louisiana-2, Illinois-2, Missouri-1) that damaged homes and businesses. 5"of snow fell in the SE metro of the twin cities. Up to 5" of rain fell in parts of Missouri, prompting flash flooding that damaged dozens of homes & forced at least 2 water rescues.
  • 6th-7th: Heavy rainfall of 3-6"+ drenched parts of northern Louisiana through central Mississippi into Alabama. Liberty City,TX: 5.89" Vicksburg,MS: 5.80" Jackson,MS: 4.87" Troy,AL: 4.26" Monroe,LA: 3.83" 4.67 inches in Suwannee County, FL.
  • 7th: The NWS confirmed a long-tracked EF-2 tornado (125 mph winds) hit Covington County, MS. The NWS would confirm at least 7 tornadoes (Mississippi-2 NorthCarolina-2 Georgia-2 Florida-1). The EF1 tornado in Irwin County, was the first tornado in that county since December 2005.
  • 8th: Death Valley, California hit 100F. The first triple-digit temperature in the continental U.S. in 2014. High tied in Miami, FL today at 90F and West Palm at 92F. 92F in Ft. Lauderdale broke the 1953 record of 91F.
  • 12th-13th: 135,000+ lost power in Michigan of which 58,000 were Metro Detroit residents following severe thunderstorms.
  • 13th: Snow in Nebraska with Parks, NE getting 5".
  • 14th: NWS issued 12 tornado WARNINGS. The NWS would confirm the 1st Arkansas tornado of 2014 in Franklin County. 2 were injured after a storm overturned 30 recreational vehicles in Gautier,MS & 17 trailers destroyed.
  • 14th-15th: A snow storm total of 3.1" made 2013-14 the snowiest season on record at Detroit, breaking a record set in 1880-81.
  • 15th: 5.22" of rain fell in Tallahassee Florida whose April average is 3.06". A Low of 11 at Sioux Falls, SD was the coldest so late in season. Madison, WI set a new record low of 18 degrees.
  • 16th-17th: Snow in Minnesota with snowfall totals up to 19".
  • 22nd: Ogden, Utah reached 72 F, had blowing dust for several hours, then ended in the 30s with snow.
  • 24th-25th: Duluth, MN picked up 4.8" of snow making it the third snowiest winter on record and much of the rest of Minnesota had 6-9".
  • 25th: The NWS would confirm at least 6 tornadoes in North Carolina (1 EF-3, 3 EF-2s, 2 EF-1s), making NC the state with the highest total of tornadoes so far this year. At least 18 injured and 200 homes were damaged from the storms. The tornado in Beaufort County, NC rated EF3, making it 2014's first EF3 or stronger tornado. An 11 month old girl become the first tornado death of 2014 in Chowan Co. NC & the NWS would confirm that it was an EF-3, the first of the year.
  • 27th: Tornado Outbreak in Arkansas,Oklahoma, Iowa and Kansas were 60-70 homes, 20-25 businesses were destroyed in Baxter Springs that the NWS would confirm an EF-2. There were 30 tornado reports in 7 states, NE/IA/KS/OK/AR/LA/MS, with softball sized hail in TX, 70mph wind gusts in IA. More than 70,300 customers lost power by the storms. The tornadoes claimed at least 34 lives in 6 states: Ark.: 15, Miss.: 12, Ala.: 3, Tenn.: 2, Okla.: 1 Iowa: 1.
  • 29th: Driest start to the year in Wichita since the dust bowl in 1936. Only 1.99" of precip thru April 28th. Jackson, MS saw 12.98" of rain so far this month.average 4.96" in April & Mobile, AL had 11.93" and the average is 4.79".
  • 29th-30th: 15-20" of rain in Pensacola, FL. 3.39" of rain in 27 minutes fell in. 5.68" in 1 hr. 7.18 inches in 3 hrs: the most for any single day on record. Flooding was a major problem for roads and homes & there was 1 weatherrelated death nearby. Parts of the Black Hills of S.D had 15-30" of snow. Santa Ana Winds gave Ontario, CA gusted to 69 mph & 96 mph in the mountains.

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    Welcome back Jim
    It's nice to have someone on the West Coast.
Spring Instability

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During the spring transition season,
the combination of warming
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and cold shots of air aloft can result
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This combination leads to development
of showers and thunderstorms.

El Nino

Word is that there will be a strong El Nino later this year.
Here's how it would effect the country
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