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April was a little cool some days and it had it normal amount of April showers. Jerry would like lots of members to come to this year's Reunion in July. If you are coming please email me at so that I can tell Jerry.

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April's Weather
  • 3rd: The NWS confirmed an EF1 tornado hit in Hardin County, Texas.
  • 5th: Concord, NH, broke its 142-y/o April low temp record with 4 F; old record: 7, 1874.
  • 6th: Storms that swept across central Alabama and the NWS has confirmed 3 tornadoes.
  • 7th: Record high temperature of 80F set at Olympia, WA Airport. This broke the old record of 77 set in 1996. Medford, OR, set a record high of 91 F, the city's earliest 90-degree reading on record. The National Weather Service says three tornadoes struck Pasco and Pinellas Counties this morning, leaving a several homes and businesses damaged.
  • 9th: East Rapid City, SD, reached 80 F, breaking the record of 78 F set in 1917.
  • 10th: Las Vegas, NV has received 1.03" of rain since Friday, 687% of their normal rainfall for the entire month of April.
  • 12th: Large hail pummeled San Antonio, TX at night. Of the top 20 heaviest 3-day snow events in Cheyenne, WY, almost half were in April.
  • 13th: NWSMissoula: Rain(.01") for the first time in Apr this year. Last time precip not observed through Apr 13th was 1919.
  • 17th-18th: Historic 20-inch rainfall brings flooding to Texas.
  • 26th: At least one tornado touched down in Grayson County, OK injuring five people and damaging businesses and homes.
  • 30th: Rising flood waters claimed the lives of five, including four children, in Palestine, Texas, early this morning. The NWS confirmed a 2nd, weaker tornado touched down in Omaha, NEB.

South Carolina Sky

Cloudy & Clear Night

A clear night will be colder than one that is cloudy.
The reason is that clouds act as a blanket returning a
portion of the heat radiated by the earth back to the ground.
So since less heat is escaping, the temperature does not fall as much.
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