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Words From Jerry
Once again, it's Bill from Long Island doing Jerry's Words.

May was a terrible month for Oklahoma being hit repeatedly by tornadoes. Blizzards and hurricanes are bad for Long Island, but at least tornadoes are very rare here and when there is one it's usually just barely an EF-0. I went on the evening of the 29th to be certified again as a Skywarn spotter. These are always great sessions.

Jerry has a trip planned for the REUNION. It's a train ride through a cranberry bog on Cape Cod that also has a museum. The Reunion will be July 11-14th. There is still time to come, just let me know by email

Bill from Long Island
Vice President & Moderator

May's Weather
  • 1st Heavy overnight rain had Moss Point, Miss. Fire and Police working to rescue people from flooded homes. Snow totals for the 1st of May: 18.2" 4S Buford, WY, Cheyenne, WY area 11-15", Estes Park, CO 16", Boulder, CO 12"+, near Nederland, CO 12.5" F. Collins, CO 12"+.
  • 1st-2nd: Major early May winter storm dumps up to 18 inches of snow in Minnesota and 17 inches in Wisconsin causing highway accidents and power outages.
  • 1st-3rd: Just 3 days in and Pascagoula, MS. received 7.79" (168% of normal).
  • 2nd: Snowiest May storm in IA history with the average statewide snowfall of 2.0" breaking the old record of 1.2" (1947). Heavy rain in Delray Beach, FL. with as high as 12" of rain causing major flooding. A tornado touched down in parts of eastern Boca Raton, leaving a path of damage measuring nearly a half mile. Gusty winds caused a Fire in Ventura County, CA to spread to 6,500 acres.
  • 3rd: For the first time in Arkansas on record, snow has fell in the state during the month of May. All-time record lows for the month of May set in Lubbock, TX (27) and Midland, TX (33). Key West, FL had 4.14 inches of rain, almost 1.5 inches more than their normal rainfall for all of May and caused flooding problems.
  • 4th: With a low of 42 F, Houston set its all-time record low for May and the previous low was 44 from May 4, 1978. With at least 1.4" of snow, May has been a snowier month in Springfield, MO than both December (1.3") & January (0.4"). The NWS would confirm a brief EF-0 tornado touched down just SW of Elkton in St Johns Co., FL with only minor damage.
  • 6th: The NWS would confirm an EF0 tornado in Bakersfield, CA; max winds 50 mph.
  • 9th: The NWS would confirm a high-end EF-0 tornado hit Stoughton, MA.
  • 10th: The NWS would confirm an EF-0 tornado touched down in Cameron Parish, LA.
  • 12th: The high in Seattle, Wash. was 81, making it the 10th day in a row with above normal temperatures. Record Low Temperatures for Mother's Day morning in Kansas City (33 F), St. Joseph (32 F), Springfield (36 F) & Rolla-Vic.
  • 13th: Record high temperatures were set in Salt Lake City, UT (93), Bismarck, ND (91 - tie) and Boise, ID (95).
  • 14th: High temps were reached into the 100s in NW IA, SW MN and E. NE. Sioux City, IA set a new all-time May record high of 106. Temperatures in Fresno, Calif. have been above average for 24 of the past 25 days. Rockford, IL tied its second highest one day warm-up (59 degrees) on record, going from 33 on the morning of the 13th to 92 on the 14th.
  • 15th: A tornado in Hood County,TX caused 6 fatalities, more than 100 people injured and extensive damage. The NWS would confirm at least 12 tornadoes in violent outbreak in northern Texas with 2 F-4, 1 F-3 & at least 1 F-1.
  • 16th: 15,500+ residents lost power across the Shreveport, LA area due to severe storms. The NWS would confirm four EF-1 tornadoes.
  • 17th: Temperatures in New Orleans, LA have been below average every day since April 27th.
  • 19th: The ALL-TIME record streak of days WITHOUT a tornado in the state of Iowa ended today at 359 days. The NWS would confirm 3 tornadoes. Northern Texas and Oklahoma had a tornado outbreak with 2 people killed in the Shawnee, OK.
  • 20th: Another tornado outbreak from northern Texas to Iowa. Several tornadoes hit Oklahoma with 20 deaths, some of them children in a school, and over 200 injured with an EF 5 in Moore, OK. Significant damage in Mt. Olive, IL after confirmed EF-2 tornado.
  • 21st: NWS confirmed 2 EF-0 tornadoes hit Indiana Hendricks Co.
  • 24th-25th: San Antonio, TX received 12.20" of rainfall. (Normally the city receives 11.07" for the year up to May 25) This resutlted in 3 deaths and at least 100 water rescues.
  • 25th-26th: 4 to 13.2" of snow in Vermont caused poweroutages and Whiteface Mountain, NY got 3 feet.
  • 27th: 2 businesses and an estimated 40 homes sustained significant damage from a tornado in Marshall Co., KS that was later confirmed to be an EF-2.
  • 28th: The NWS would confirm 2 EF-1 touched down in Erie county, PA. Near Cranesville, 5 people injured & 2 people injured near Edinboro and an EF-4 in Ottawa Co., KS, which killed over 100 cows.
  • 29th: The NWS office in Detroit said that 6 tornadoes touched down in SE Michigan last evening: 2 EF2, 2 EF1 and 2 EF0. The NWS Albany would confirm a mile-wide EF-2 tornado struck Schenectady and Montgomery Counties in NY; 1 injury. The NWS would confirmed at least 9 tornadoes hit Nebraska.
  • 29th-30th: 17" of rain dumped on Arriaga, Mexico over 24 hours from what became Tropical Depression Barbara.
  • 30th: The wettest spring on record in Iowa. The average rainfall of 16.4 total inches during the months of March, April and May is the most that's fallen in 141 years. The NWS would confirm an EF-2 tornado hit Broken Arrow, OK.
  • 31st: 11 dead from tornadoes and flooding in Oklahoma (9 killed-tornadoes, 2 killed-flooding). May 2013 would end as the wettest month of May on record in Oklahoma City with 14.52 inches of rain. The NWS would confirm areas of EF-2 to EF-3 tornado damage across parts of the St. Louis metro area.

Over a dozen cams from Galveston Island

SE Tornadoes Seasons

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There are two main seasons for tornadoes across the Southeast.
The primary season is centered between
late March and late May,
when there is a constant clash of air masses.
There is also a slight uptick in tornadic
activity during October and November.

Flood Plains

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Homes that are built on flood plains are susceptible to significant flooding from time to time.
Heavy rainfall causes the rivers to become swollen,
pushing water outward from the main river channel
and into the flood plain.

Lightning Deaths

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Down Burst

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