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Words From Jerry
Jerry's health issues continue, so I have to continue his Words.
It's been a cool Spring here on Long Island so my roses were late to get the first one blooming and I had to cut the grass for the first time later. At least in the Winter I don't have to cut the grass. Of course at times there is snow, but if I just waited it would melt away. I can't say that for the grass. lol
We still haven't come up with where we will go for this year's Reunion. Jerry's health is the main issue. If you plan to come to the Reunion, please let me know. The dates are July 10th to the 13th.
June 1st was the start of the Hurricane Season & of course the WEATHERFUN Hurricane Contest. I want to thank those of you who are playing and wish you good luck on the Contest and hope nobody gets hit with a storm this year.
I want to welcome Kevin's friend Rick who is a new member.

Bill from Long Island
VP & Moderator

May's Weather
  • 1st: This has been the driest start to the year in Wichita since 1936 (the Dust Bowl). Only 2.01" of precip thru 4/30. Heavy rain in the New York City area the day and night before caused lots of flooding and also a couple of mudslides. Wichita Falls, TX, broke its all-time May low temp record with 35 F. Old record: 36 F.
  • 2nd: Daily record rainfall set in Sarasota, FL (3.38 inches) and Tampa, FL (3.11 inches).
  • 3rd: California has already seen much more wildfire activity than normal. As of April 26, the state has recorded more than 1,100 fires.
  • 4th: Slapout, OK has gone an incredible 197 days without recording >0.25" of precip! Kenton (184 days), Fairview (163 days), Medford (129 days). Fort Smith, Arkansas, reached a high of 93 F, breaking record of 91 F, set in 1964. Wichita, KS heated up to 102 degrees that marks the earliest 100 degree day on record.
  • 7th: Oklahoma City has either tied or set a new record high temperature each of the past 3 days. Lincoln, NE, breaks the High temp record with 98 F. Old record: 96, set in 1934. Medicine Lodge, KS, breaks 98 year old high temp record with 99 F. Old record: 97, set in 1916. Concordia, KS, breaks 127 year old High temp record with 99 F. Old record: 95, set in 1887.
  • 7th-8th: Rushville, NE received 10 inches of snow.
  • 8th: The NWS would confirm an EF-1 tornado (105 mph winds) that tracked 2.52 miles in Douglas Co. MO. & 2 EF-0 tornadoes in SW Minnesota.
  • 9th: Wichita has the driest start to the year on record through May 8th 2.01 inches, 6.35 inches below normal. A record 3.54 inches of rain drenched New Orleans, leading to widespread flash flooding.
  • 10th: 80% of Orrick MO sustained damage from a tornado including up to 300 homes that the NWS would confirm a low-end EF-2 and also confirm an EF-1 tornado left 2.2 mile-long damage path in Geneva Co. AL. & a long-tracked EF-2 tornado (115 mph winds) in Guthrie County IA. & in Panora, IA a rated EF2 with 115mph winds, 16.7 mile path, 100 yards wide.
  • 10th-11th: 43 inches of snow fell near Encampment, WY.
  • 11th: A foot of snow in Livermore, CO. The NWS would confirm a combined 13 tornadoes from Mother's Day outbreak including 2 EF-3s in Nebraska.
  • 12th: Snow in Denver tied with May 12, 2010 as 2nd latest Spring snow during last 10 years. Tornadoes have been reported/confirmed in 29 out of 50 states so far this year.
  • 14th: The NWS would confirm a tornado near Cedarville, OH. and rate it an EF3, peak winds 145 mph.
  • 13th-14th: A state of emergency was declared in the Finger Lakes region of NY due to at least 5" of rain.
  • 14th-15th: The NWS would confirm at least 9 tornadoes, including an EF-3 near Cedarville in Greene County OH.
  • 15th: The NWS would confirm an EF-1 tornado (90 mph winds) hit approx 3 miles SW of Durham, NC.
  • 16th: Cold weather caused: low temp in Sioux Falls: 23F breaking the 85 yr old record low for May 16, which was 32F in 1929; Omaha (33) and Lincoln (30) with the record tied at Norfolk (28) & Harlingen, TX, broke a 102 year old low temp record with 52 F; old record: 55 F, set in 1912. Rockford, IL saw its first snow on Oct 22 & its final on May 16. That makes it the longest snow season on record.
  • 17th: Another set of record morning lows with the old record KC 39 1895; new 37 2014. St. Joseph old record 36 2011; new 35 2014. The freeze at Mammoth Spring, AK. in the last 24 hours was the latest freeze in the state since 1912. Flooding rains in the midAtlantic caused major travel problems.
  • 20th-23rd: Almost 600 reports of Hail in the country with 52 reports at 2" or greater size.
  • 21st: Flooding rains in parts of Pennsylvania & New York. 8Strong storms and a light tornado touch down in Denver metro area with light damage from hail and flooding. The NWS would confirm 3 rare tornadoes in northern Nevada & all 3 rated EF-0s.
  • 22nd: 1.74" of rain in Wichita, KA was the most in 1 day in just over 9 months. (1.81" on 8/13/13). Severe hail up to 4" fell in Upstate NY. The NWS would confirm an EF-0 tornado in the evening in Virginia near Waverly, one near Prince George & an EF-1 tornado (105 mph winds) in Kent Co. Delaware and a strong EF-3 tornado hit parts of Schenectady & Albany counties NY.
  • 26th: The NWS would confirm an EF-29 tornado that injured 9 people in the evening in Watford City ND.
  • 28th: The NWS would confirm an early morning EF-1 tornado in Garyville, LA.
  • 30th: The NWS would confirm an EF-0 tornado hit 4 miles WSW of Fish Hawk FL.

Paia Bay Maui, Hawaii

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