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Welcome fellow Weatherfun members to the July Weatherfun Newsletter.

I hope you are all enjoying a great summer and the nice warm weather. Sure is better than shoveling the white stuff.

Well the Weatherfun Reunion is next week and many of you will be heading up this way. I hope you all enjoy the visit and some great events.

Andy had planned an event to Heritage Park, and we are going to go ahead with those plans. We will also be visiting a wild animal farm. Not like the one that we visited in Providence, but this one has wild animals. Steve try talking to these.

I want you to remember the cookout at my home here in Warren, on Saturday night of reunion week. Please feel free to join us in the fun, and enjoy each other's company along with good food.

Also use caution over the 4th of July especially when using fireworks. We do not need to see anymore members injured.


June's Weather
  • 1st: Severe weather produced at least 10 tornadoes from storms (7-Maryland, 2-Virginia, 1-Pennsylvania) knocking down trees, powerlines and damaging several houses.
  • 2nd - 3rd: Excessive rainfall totals exceeded 6-8 inches across parts of Maine.
  • 4th: 3 people were killed after mobile home overturns due to a later confirmed EF-2 tornado in Scott Co., MO.
  • 5th: Cars, homes and outbuildings in the Hobson, MT area were damaged in tornado. A tornado that destroyed a mobile home in southeast Missouri killing 3.
  • 6th: Storms produced massive hail with tornadoes in Colorado.
  • 7th: Tornadoes damaged at least 23 buildings and flipped five train cars as a powerful storm system rolled through parts of Colorado and Wyoming, with each state having an EF-2.
  • 9th-10th: 24-hr rainfall amounts range in excess of 3 to 21 inches from Mobile, AL to Pensacola, FL.
  • 10th: Childress, TX set a record high of 110 degrees, smashing the record of 106 degrees set in 1958. Storms brought down trees, power lines across Minnesota.
  • 11th: Mississippi was hit hard by derecho causing wind damage, thousands lose power and 1 death.
  • 12th: Storms knocked out power to more than 165,000 across the Houston, TX area.
  • 13th: Violent supercell thunderstorms blasted through sections of the Dallas Ft. Worth region producing large hail that damaged car windshields and buildings. The damage could top $400 million.
  • 17th: Thunderstorms damaged barns, blew out power and brought golf-ball sized hail in southern Minnesota.
  • 19th: TS Chris formed well out in the north Atlantic and not a threat to land.
  • 18th: Severe storms produced an EF-1 tornado at a golf course in Michigan damaging many trees.
  • 20th: 10" of torrential rain caused flooding in the Duluth, MI area forcing the evacuation of dozens of homes, causing mudslides and sinkholes that trapped cars, and flooding the Lake Superior Zoo where over 10 animals were killed.
  • 20th-21st: Much of the mid-Atlantic and Northeast started Summer with record breaking heat in the 90s.
  • 21st: Chris became a hurricane only to go back to a TS.
  • 22nd: tropicalstorm Debby forms in the western Caribbean. The 1st time in history a 4th named storm occurs in June.
  • 23rd: Flash floods in Brownville, ME closed roads and caused one death.
  • 23rd-26th: Debby very slowly approached Florida with heavy rain and at least 7 tornadoes. 1 person died from a tornado in Lake Placid, FL. Parts of Florida got 12 to 28" of rain causing major flooding problems on highways and homes.
  • 25th: An EF-0 tornado hit Goochland, VA, northwest of Richmond that caused substantial damage across the area.
  • 26th: TS Debby made landfall near Steinhatchee, FL and quickly becomes a tropical depression. The 5th consecutive day of 100-degree temps for Denver.
  • 27th: Debby leaves northern Florida and moves into the Atlantic, but becomes a Post-Tropical Cyclone.
  • 28th: 24 states had 100 degree readings while 41 states had 90 or better as a hugh heatwave baked much of the south, midwest and mid-Atlantic.
  • 29th: There were more than 1500 record highs in the last 7 days. The heatwave contributed to the deaths of cattle in Arkansas. A derecho raced east from IL to VA knocking down trees, power lines causing power outages to over 2 million people and caused at least 14 dead. (VA-6, NJ-3, MD-2, KY-1, OH-1) Washington DC-1)

Biscayne Bay,
with Miami Beach in the distance

US Child Car Deaths

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More Runway When Hot

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All other parameters being equal,
a plane will use more runway in hot weather than in cool weather.
This is because hot air is less dense,
and the plane must reach a greater speed on the runway
before it has enough lift to take off. In the Desert Southwest,
excessive heat can actually force airports to close.

Did You Know?

How hurricanes are fueled?
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Why is the ground cooler when it is wet?

When the sun is heating a wet ground the evaporation process has a cooling effect on the air above.
If the ground is dry then most, if not all of the sun's energy goes directly toward heating the surface.

We hope that you enjoyed this month's Newsletter. See you next month, and be sure to visit the WEATHERFUN Website, but most of all have fun with your weather.
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