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Words From Jerry
Jerry continues to have eye problems, so I have to do his Words again this month.

As we enter September, the Hurricane Season usually hits it's peak. Forecasters had predicted a very active season. But so far it's been slow, mainly due to lots of dry air and dust coming off of Africa. There has not been a hurricane yet. The lastest that the first hurricane of a season formed is September 11th, so we may break that record. Now that's one record that's good to break.

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Remember that Jerry is thinking about having next year's Reunion later, like September or October. We need to know what you would like. You can email me to give your opinion or post it to WEATHERFUN.

The one bad thing about September is that Fall arrives, which means Winter is getting closer.

Until next month, have a good September and let's hope Jerry is able to do October's Words.

Bill from Long Island
Vice President & Moderator

August's Weather
  • 1st: Salisbury, MD received 5.42 inches of rainfall. That is more rain than they typically see in all of August. An EF-2 tornado hit portions of the Jacksonville, FL area damaging several homes.
  • 3rd: Former Dorian becomes a TD off the Florida coast, but should head out to sea.
  • 4th: Heavy rain throughout Kansas with up to 5" in the Witchita, KA area.
  • 6th: 1 fatality, several injuries in Waynesville, MO due to flash flooding after 6" of rainfall. At least 60 to 80 homes flooded. The NWS would confirm an EF-2 tornado caused damage to hundreds of homes overnight in Waupaca Co., Wisconsin.
  • 7th: The high in downtown LA has been below 80 for 11 consecutive days; the normal high is 84. The NWS would confirm an EF-1 tornado tore across parts of the Orrville area in Wayne Co., OH.
  • 8th: This was the nineth consecutive day with a high temperature above 100 degrees F in Dallas, TX. The NWS would later confirm that 5 tornadoes tracked across NE Wisconsin. Aleast 1 death in McDonald Co., MO from severe floods.
  • 9th: There were 6 dead in flash floods over the last several days (Missouri-3, Oklahoma-1, South Carolina-1, Kansas-1) and the NWS had issued 219 Flash Flood Warnings across the U.S. since Sunday as of 6 pm EDT. Major flooding, mudslide hit Manitou Springs, CO. and one person was killed.
  • 10th: In the last 9 days, Ft. Leonard Wood, MO had 17.16" of rain, ~2" more than their avg rainfall from June to Sept. Nashville, TN had 8" of rain causing floods. It's been so rainy in OKC this year they've already the 6th wettest year with zero rainfall for next 4.5 months.
  • 12th: The NWS now confirms a 6th tornado in outbreak last week in Wisc. (5 EF-1s & 1 EF-2).
  • 13th: The NWS would confirm an EF-0 tornado that tracked 2 miles through Ocean Co., NJ.
  • 14th: A tropical wave off the African Coast became TD 5 with winds at 35mph.
  • 15th: TD 5 becomes TS Erin west-southwest of the southern cape verde islands.
  • 16th: TS Erin weakens to a depression and then back to a TS.
  • 17th: TS Erin weakens to a depression again. Erin degenerates into a remnant low.
  • 18th: The NWS would confirm an EF-1 tornado tracked a half-mile in Heard Co., GA. Pensacola, FL had 6.47" of rain the last 48 hours, nearly the average amount that falls during all of August.
  • 19th: So far in 2013, Atlanta has received 49.87 inches of precip. This is more than their yearly average of 49.71 inches. Death Valley, CA has had more rain so far in 2013 than Las Vegas, NV! Rain totals: Death Valley: 1.56" & Vegas: 1.07".
  • 21st: 2 people died, 1 injured after lightning strike in Garrard Co., Kentucky. Severe storms in NE Wisconsin left one person dead and more than 3,000 without power.
  • 22nd: So far this year 16 people have been killed by lightning across 10 states (CA, AZ, TX, LA, MO, IL, KY, GA, FL, NY).
  • 25th: TD 6 forms in the Bay of Campeche/SW Gulf with 35 mph winds and quickly becomes TS Fernand.
  • 26th: TS Fernand made landfall with heavy rain, flooding and mudslides in Mexico with at least 13 deaths. Remnants of Ivo in the Pacific drenched the Southwest with flooding rains.
  • 27th: Dozens of schools in central Iowa closed early due to the late season heat wave.
  • 28th: The NWS confirmed a weak EF-0 tornado tracked 2.8 miles across Livingston Co., MI early in the morning.
  • 29th: A supercell thunderstorm moved across parts of northeastern Minnesota dropping large hail, downing trees and spawning an EF 0 tornado.

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6 Must-Know Facts about Clouds

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On a hot day, an airplane requires more runway to takeoff
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A plane may need as much as 2,500 feet more runaway
on a 100-degree day compared to a 60-degree day.
Weather Fatalities
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Saharan Dust
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Saharan dust is quite warm and able to rise into the
upper levels of the atmosphere over the Atlantic, putting a lid
on thunderstorm activity within tropical systems.

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