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issue of the WEATHERFUN Newsletter

Words From Jerry
March was alright weatherwise. Jerry can't see out of his left eye, but the rest of his body is well now.

Bill Long Island

March's Weather
  • 17th: A high temp. of 76 F in Cheyenne, WY, shattered the old record daily high of 71 set in 1921.
  • 19th: Kansas City, MO saw a daily record high of 87 F. This broke the old record of 81, set back in 1995.
  • 20th: A record high temp. of 86 F was set in St. Louis, MO, breaking the old record of 83 set in 2012.
  • 26th: The National Weather Service confirmed that an EF2 tornado touched down near Cato, Arkansas, destroying four mobile homes and injured 6.


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