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In 2002, Jerry had an idea. He'd invite members to get together in Rhode Island to talk about weather, see some of the local sites and have a cookout at his home. He would call it a Reunion. The First Reunion was a huge success and everyone decided to do one every year. Thus a WEATHERFUN tradition was started. You can share the fun and friendships of all of the Reunions at this page. Just click on the links below, sit back and enjoy the WEATHERFUN Reunions.



The 2011 Weatherfun Reunion will be held July 7th-10th in and around the Rhode Island/Mass areas. A fantastic time is promised. Members from all over the United States will gather to share in this fun filled weekend. Weather chat, day trips, contests, games, a cookout, and being with friends, what more could you ask for!
Why it even snows, but usually only on Jerry!