Once again, Jerry and Susan hosted the Reunion. Members who attended were Cat from Texas, Richard from Cape Cod, Tony and Shirley from Rhode Island, Kristen and Michael from Florida, Steve from Florida, Lynn, Ken and Kelly from Maryland, Bill and Casey from Long Island. Jerry's son Kevin and Father attended the Cookout.

The major events were a cruise to Newport Harbor, a visit to Mystic, Connecticut, some members going to a casino in the evening, and of course the Cookout at Jerry's home. There was an unscheduled event that featured Jerry's visit to the ER after the cruise. At the motel there was lots of use of the pool and socializing took place throughout the days and nights with a squall of snow on the last morning.

Now this may not sound all that exciting, but believe me it was. Each year the Reunion gets better than the last and that's not easy to do. Laughter is the fuel of the day/night. Once again Lynn did a great job in obtaining prizes that were handed out at the Cookout. When we said our Good-bys in the parking lot of Bickford's, tears were flowing as we hugged each other. The next few pages of pictures will give you some idea of the fun and good times everyone had. Now's the time to arrange your schedule for next year's Reunion, which will be WEATHERFUN's 5th Reunion.

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